Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogger's Therapy

Yesterday, I blogged about how tough my life was this past week. Today I will blog about happier times this past week.

Met my RCC team for dinner on Friday. We went to the Crystal Jade Kitchen at Toa Payoh. For some reason, one of my team members in my RCC team has a fetish for the Ramen at CJK. Turns out the Ramen was really not bad. But the best bit is actually the 小龙包. So nice and juicy, like there's soup inside.

We had a good time catching up, even though we have only parted for one week. Actually, only the officers graduated from the RCC, the specialists still stay back for RCC part 2. And from the looks of it, RCC part 2 was more tough, but got more free time also.

But the highlight of the week, is really Cell Group on Thursday night. I haven't been to cell group since I went for RCC 4 weeks ago. As cell group is on Thursday night, and I usually cannot book out on Thursdays, I was not able to go for cell.

Am I making sense here? Actually I just woke up and wrote the last sentence. Head's still kinda goggy and blur.

As I was saying, Boy! I missed the Cell Group!!!!! It's so good to be able to come back to cell again.

Am running late so will have to cut short the blog here. Sorry. But a picture says a thousand words...

So here's a couple of them...




Blogger シャロン said...

huh? xiao long bao inside got soup one ma. why you sound so surprised?

must try the one at Lao Beijing!

best in town! =P

yum yum!

10:05 pm  
Anonymous professor said...

What about the one at Din Tai Fung? Also 'lagi' best~!

12:06 am  

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