Saturday, August 27, 2005

My head is not harder than tree, Part 2

Ok. I'm back. I will try this again.

Like just now, on the entry which I did not manage to publish, I shall start by complaining how crazy my week was.

Crazy crazy. Busy Busy.

And pretty stressful.

And now I am serving my weekend duty again. This time its an extra... because some idiot refuse to urine properly...

And then I forgot what I wrote just now....

Oh well, I will just start anew, pretending that I'm writing a new post.

Like I said, this has been one of a crazy week. As you all know, I just came back from 4 weeks of Recce Comd Course and prior to that, 4 weeks of bike course. A lot of business awaits me back here.

1st up is my platoon. These are the people I want to see most when I come back. I think they are delighted to see me too. 1st time they asked for nights-off already. Haha. But too bad nights-off is not up to me to give. But lucky OC in a good mood and he gave nights-off to them on Tuesday night.

EH!! How come suddenly Ops room got so many mosquitoes???? Wah lao, I think I get bitten in here more than the time I was in Tekong last week.

Sorry I digressed. I dunno why people like to say "Sorry, I digressed" but it certainly seems that they do. I also dunno why but I like to say it too. Sorry I digressed.

Next up is this thing called the Combat Skills Badge (CSB) for the Infantry. Apparently, there is this general group of people in MINDEF who decides that they should come up with this badge, so as to differentiate between those that are proficient in the skills of an Infantry soldier.

So this week, my platoon and I have beem busy trying to acquire this badge, starting with weapon handling, and followed by other equipment skills. Personally, I feel that this is nothing more than a badge to show for pride. But very soon, everybody will have the same badge and the people having it is no different from the people not having it.

Will I lose my job for putting this in print? Hmm... Hopefully not. Not that the general group of people will read my blog anyway. =)

The most stressful though, is my IPPT. The 1st day I came back, my OC told me already:" You better get Silver by the end of the month, or else your head will be on the chopping board!" The one who will do the chopping will be my S2.

Then my OC proceed to make me run around the world in 80 days. Monday run 6 x 400, Tuesday run 5km, Wednesday another 6 x 400, Thursday run 8km and Friday another 8km fast march.

I had tons and tons of chocolate to make sure that I have the energy for all the runs I had been running. And I sms-ed my cell group and my Christian friends to help pray for me:" Taking IPPT again. This time must get Silver, or else my head will be chopped. Pls pray that I can run faster or that I have a harder head. Thanks!"

Come Saturday, is my IPPT. I was so stressed I couldn't sleep on friday night. I got out of bed at 6.30 and had Red Bull for breakfast. Red Bull does not make good breakfast.

IPPT starts at 0730. Timing to meet is 12.00 minutes or less for my 2.4km. That is my only weakness. I came in 11 minutes 59 seconds.

Whew!!! Thank God!!! Thanks to all who prayed. (esp my Sister-in-Christ, Su Jiahui who is ever so diligent in praying for me) Thanks to OC and CSM for their support and their belief in me. (CSM betted 300 push ups that I will get Silver. Haha!!) Also thanks to Sergeant Victor for helping me keep time during the run and Sergeant Eugene for buying me lunch on friday.

So now I dun have to find out if my head is harder than the chopping board.

Praise the Lord


Anonymous shadowandy said...

tsk tsk. bet it is one of our guys who's holding the stopwatch. As they see time ticking near 12 mins. They see you on the gantry towards ending point they will say "Wah CPT chew. Faster press!!!" Hahhaa.

Anyway congrats.

10:18 am  

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