Sunday, September 04, 2005

Not quite Initial D

Due to my hectic work schedule, and the lack of rest these few days, I went through the weekend in a semi-sedated zombie like state.

Cannot focus during church and cell group on Sat evening. I was like totally stoned during the whole time. Anyway, church service was on 5pm Saturday evening until 7pm. And after that we went to The Swensen's at Orchard Crown Prince Hotel for dinner, cos one of the cell's friend is having birthday next week and we are celebrating for him.

Was having a good time, if not for the fact that I am so zombified. And the best part is the last when we all share the big 8-scooped Earthquake. it would be greater if I could have my way of having all 8 scoops in the different chocolate favours.

Will post pictures of the Happy Cell group once I got it.
Update: Here's the picture!!!


This morning, I was in my pseudo-walking corspe mode again. Went for SOL1 (church class) in the morning with my cell leader. Was totally not concentrating. I get very moody when I dun have enough rest. I'm like a totally different person. I just sat at the class, acting very restless, playing with my handphone and drawing all over my notes . My attention span is practically zero.

I think I have Neuro-Atrustic Schizophenia.

I watched Herbie, Fully Loaded today. Not a bad show really. Initial I was reluctant to watch it cos I thought that it would be another bimbo show. But some of my friends preferred Herbie to every other show that is showing this week so we decided on.

But after all the arrangement, only Jade could make it in the last minute. I would say Herbie is a nice show about how a girl finds herself with the help of Herbie, in typical Disney style. BTW, if you all dunno, Herbie was a classic movie back in the... er... 70's? Din bother to find out all the details.

Got a bit of racing scenes, but not quite like Initial D. Heehee. Btw, I have been watch the anime of Initial D almost every night now that I stayed in at Bedok camp. The cartoon was great... Better than the movie I think.

Oh ya... I got distracted... Herbie... Nice show... Not quite Initial D... But can watch...


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