Saturday, September 17, 2005

I miss blogging

I am so behind on my blogging schedule. So many things I wanted to blog but have not due to my work committments or otherwise. Unlike some people *ahem*, I cannot blog from the office computer. Haha. Anyway, my office comp sucks, so if I blog from there will also be limited.

I think I've said before, I am blogging much less than I would like to. Maybe it's because I'm a slow typer, or I process my thoughts too slowly - usually I take about 1 to 2 hours to write a blog of decent lenght and depth.

Including distractions...

Like the Initial D vcds I am watching now.

What have I been doing this couple of weeks, besides being on Engineer Recce Course, I also went for DOTA conversion course.


Can't believe a old man like me play some kids game like DOTA now. Somemore I'm just starting to learn how to play. Wahaha. All this started because my platoon got night's off and ALL of them went to a nearby LAN (Local Area Network) to play DOTA. Curious and eager to have some bonding with them, I decided to go along.

And I been hooked ever since... Haha. No lah. Just play with my guys when we go out. Like that's what they ever do. Heehee. I have to read up on all the info and strategies. to be able to catch up with them soon. Haha.

My entry so far has been littered by "Heehees" and "Hahas". An obvious sign that I am embarressed by the fact that I am playing DOTA with the kids. What does DOTA stands for anyway? I have no idea. I only know that its part of the World of Warcraft Expansion package. Haha.

And with the game comes pet phrases like:
Guojun is Dominating!
Guojun just got a Triple Kill!!
Guojun is GODLIKE!!! Somebody stop him!

Wahaha. I can't stand myself sometimes.

That's all for now. Brb with more updates later.


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