Sunday, September 18, 2005

Snow Wolf Lake

I hate it when Blogger hangs in the middle of my post and I lost half an hour of hard work to nothing. And the recover post function never work also.

Nvm, I will give it another try.

I watched 雪狼湖, a.k.a Snow Wolf Lake last night. That's right, The one with Jacky Cheung starring as the lead. Heehee. So expensive some more. $170+ for 1 ticket.


Cultural stuff leh.

Guojun level up!! [plays FF7 level up music]

Guojun's culture points +3!! Wahaha.

The date for the evening is Miss E. It all started more than 2 months ago, when she said that she wanted to watch the show (cos her idol is Jacky Cheung) but she cannot find anybody to go with her. So, being the gentleman that I am, I offered to watch with her. Plus I like Jacky Cheung also.

In return, she will be my girlfriend for one day. Wahaha.

Guojun clicks "Save as Draft" button.

As usual, she arrived 10 minutes later than the 7pm rendevous time, in a nice floral blue dress. We had Mac at the Kallang MRT before going to the Indoor Stadium. Or rather, we bought Mac and ate while I was driving there. I have the ability to eat and drive at the same time!!! Wahaha.

We arrived at the stadium at about 7.40 but by the time, the carpark is almost full. Thank God we manage to find a parking lot though it's a little far from the Indoor stadium. We went in at 8.00pm sharp and by the time we went to the toilet, found our seats and settle down, it's already 8.20pm. Heehee, whenever I see the queue outside the female toilet outside cinemas (or in this case the Indoor Stadium), I thank God that I can pee standing. Wahaha.

Guojun clicks "Save as Draft" button again.

The show starts at about 8.30. The opening was the familiar 不老的传说 followed by some upbeat songs. But then after that it gets a bit slow and draggy, redeemed only by the climatic 爱是永恒 at the ending. Overall, I felt that the story was a bit slow and was I wished Jacky had sung more. But still ok lah. Got to hear my favourite song, 爱是永恒 in its actual context.

爱是永恒 is SO going to be my wedding song! Wahaha

And for the record, Miss E really become my girlfriend for the evening, but we broke up after that. Cos she always come late when we meet. Cannot stand it. Haha.

Guojun clicks "Publish post" button.


Blogger Gabrielle said...

wah!!! so arty farty ah!!

haha kidding... wah sei.. be your gf one day then break already..:p

I wanna watch cirque de solei but the tix damn ex lah.

7:48 pm  
Blogger FF said...

No farewell kiss with Ms. E ah?

8:17 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Gab> Hee. You be my girlfriend for one day I treat you to the show. Haha.

FF> No leh... not even a farewell hand shake. She did give a farewell "slam my car door" though. Does that count?

9:19 pm  
Blogger シャロン said...

not original leh, GJ...

my ex cell leader used 爱是永恒 as her march in song 4 years ago during her wedding in church. hee.

but must say the intro was grand enough to make an impact that until today i still remember that she used it! =P

10:40 pm  

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