Sunday, September 25, 2005

For the record....

Me not really in the mood to blog.

But this is more for record purpose.

Events for the past week:

Monday to Wednesday went for a coaching course. "Coaching for High Performance and Development". Enjoyed it very much. Made a few new friends. Yippee.

Monday evening sent my Nokia phone for repair and changed my watch batteries. Finally!!!

Tuesday was Lynette's birthday. Can read in the earlier post.

Thursday I did 24km route march. Nearly died. Which means I didn't. Which is good.

Friday was more or less a rest day at work. Went for cell group in the evening. Felt a bit out of place there.

Saturday, I did Neutral for 3 Guards' range. Saw a happy LTC LKC. Which is a rarity. That's why I am writing it down. Shortest Range I've been in.

Sunday. Last day of SOL1. After this I can sleep in on Sunday again. Celebrated my brother's 21st birthday in the evening. The actual day is 28th Sept. But we celebrated today cos its the Sunday. Din know he got so many female friends. That's a advantage of being in ARTS faculty in NUS.

Happy birthday dude.


Blogger シャロン said...

oh my! your bro is such a big boy now???!? 21? =) when i first met you he was only 13-14? wow...

btw, i'm in phuket now. got your sms on prayer request! take care and all the best! =)

3:13 pm  

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