Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Happy Be-earlied Birthday FF

Met FF to celebrate her birthday today. No, today is not her actual birthday. It will be another week before her actual birthday comes. But by then she will be in D.C with her GCB.

Remember I asked what to get her for her birthday? Thanks for all your suggestions but I did not use any of them. I thought for a long time and decided that she might like a small portable speaker for her Creative Zen. She likes gadgets and stuff mah.

But she disagreed.

She felt that what she needs more now is some books to read on her 26 hours flight to Washington D.C. So, I got her some Kinokuniya Gift Vouchers instead. Anyway, she said she got the speakers she need already.

On hindsight, maybe I should get her some insecticide or something... to help her get rid of unwanted creatures like The Pest and The Bug... Haha....

We had dinner, together with Miss E, at this place called Central at Takashiyama Basement 2. I enjoyed my fried noodles but I think the girls did not enjoy their orders as much. Not cheap though... $6.50 for something not unlike Magi Mee.

We went Dutch as usual. FF likes to go Dutch whenever we go out, be it dinner or movies. I dunno how the Dutch does it and why FF likes them so much... but, ya.... we went Dutch as usual...

Gave her the Kino vouchers during dinner, which she proceeded to buy her books after that.

Now I feel hungry again.

After dinner, I went to Changi Airport to send my guys off who are going to Australia. Sigh... I really wanted to go but no choice, have to stay and organise Inter Formation Basketball.

I'm feeling very rich these few days. Cos I was given advance pay this week. The money was for November but I was given in advance because at first I was to go Australia. Servicemen going overseas will be given advance allowance so that they got money to spend when they are there.

Yes, I am spending future money. But still, I feel very rich. So I bought a couple of stuff for myself, including a second hand Wah pedal for $190. Eh, you ask what's a Wah pedal? Eh.. It's a electionic effect that makes my guitar goes "wah wah~". Hahaha. It's the Jim Dunlop 535Q Crybaby leh. High class stuff.

Damage for the day:
Dinner - 10
Kino - 100 (including my own guitar magazines)
Petrol top up - 100
Wah pedal - 190
Total Damage - $400

Sheesh... Now then I realised I spent so much today... Pocket really damaged...


Blogger FF said...

Lalala you make me sound so cheapo. I like to go Dutch cos I don't like guys paying for me. :D You never say I bought you gelato. So hurted.

Thanks for the vouchers my dear.

9:31 am  

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