Sunday, October 23, 2005

I am a Pacificist.

Sometime earlier this week, one of the guys in my cell group sent out an email with the title "anybody wants to play risk this saturday?". Inside the email there is not message. Cos the the title is already the message in completion.

Dun tell me you dunno what Risk is.*

I was inclined to reply with my cliched "who what when where why?" but ended up to lazy to. Haha. sometimes, I will reply in the "5W's" when people ask me to do something. Like:

WK: Want to play mahjong?

Me: who what when where why?

WK: you, me, plus XX and YY
WK: play mahjong
WK: now
WK: my place
WK: bored


Anyway, as I was saying, somebody from my cell group proposed Risk as the after church activity for the week and since I got nothing (better) to do, I decided to join them too. I personally am not very well versed in the game plan and strategies of Risk management and I almost never play the game. So this is one of those times I just join for the fun of it.

Wahaha. I really regret after that cos the crazy people played until 5 am in the morning. I had better spent the time sleeping. Therefore, from today on, I declare:

I am a Pacificist.

* If I am someone else reading my blog, I will put in the comment "OK, I dun tell you lor..." Haha!!


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