Saturday, October 29, 2005

To B or not to B?

Yesterday was a busybusy day. Was totally burnt out by the end of the day. Maybe I had my life too easy before. That's why yesterday so shacked.

"Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth"

Dunno where I have heard that before, but I think it is very true. Stress is a good catalyst for the development of strength. I think I should feel stronger today, if not for the fact that I feel so sleepy.

But at least I completed my basketball team!! Haha. That is ONE MAJOR STRESS RELIEVE. Although I know that I will not have a very good basketball team to fight the rest of the army, but at least we can participate and be represented. Thanks to CPT Ivan for his kind and wonderful support.

I saw this is the Newpaper 2 days ago...


Ipod trade in for Ipod!!! Wahaha. It's a dream come true! Now I can trade my Ipod Photo for an Ipod video. It says the trade in program starts from the 3 Nov. So that means its more than 1 day right? Maybe can go down and take a look 1st.

Should I get the Ipod Video? Wait they come out with Ipod Video + Camera how? Or Ipod handphone + Internet access & Global Positioning System? Or... an Ipod Ferrari!!???? (Red colour wan hor.) That's an idea eh? Maybe I can sell this idea to the Apple people.

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

But what is the answer?


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