Thursday, October 27, 2005

Freedom and Humility

Humility is a difficult virtue to obtain. For the harder you try, the less humble you become. To obtain humility, you must never try to be humble. That is the last thing you must do.

In fact, to be humble, the very thought must be the furthest from you mind. Humility is the one virtue which is unobtainable, unless you don't try. The minute you try, you have failed.

You must think of everything else but "I must be humble." And you must never think that you have obtained "humility". For when you say that "I am humble", it is a clear indication that you are not.

Like freedom - the minute you say "I am free", you realize that suddenly you have a lot of work to do.

Humility, like all Christian virtues, must be given away to receive. Give and you will receive. Teach and you will learn. Bless and you will be blessed.


Blogger Gabrielle said...

haha i like the "I am free" part..

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