Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sheeps and Goats

Why is everybody listening to Corrinne May's song? Who is Corrinne May? Is she really that good?

Went to see Team 1 of the China, Lijiang trip off yesterday morning. I am suppose to be in Team 2 of the trip, but my leave is still pending approval. Must start to pray pray hard hard liao. Really hope I can go for this trip...

Anyway, back to yesterday... 8am flight, So we all were they about 6 plus. Haha. Was so tired after that. Went for prata breakfast with the rest of the "farewell team" at Sengpang (<--spelling?) Bedok after they checked in. After that went back to camp and sleep. Hahaha.

Threw my car to one of my friends from the "farewell team" so that at least they can move around more easily while I dun have to fulfill my obligation as the chauffuer. Haha. Went back to camp at about 0900hrs to watch TV and sleep... until 1300hrs when I felt hungry and went to Parkway to look for food. Haha. I took public transport!!! Bus!!! Very long never take bus liao. Its amazing I still have a functional EZ link card. Haha.

Its kinda fun to be taking buses again after driving for a while. But cannot do this too often lah. Haha.


Outside our church there is this guy who stands there selling tissue papers every week. I think he's been there for a couple of years now. And I think everybody who goes to my church will know who I'm talking about. He is a short middle-aged guy with bumps all over his face and body that he is almost hideous to look at the 1st couple of times you see him.

He's been there for 2? or issit 3 years now. Every week he will stand outside the church before each service and ask people to buy tissue paper from him, which is actually a smart move cos church goers are suppose to be kind a compasionate and all mah, so there would be people buying from him.

Actually, the fact is, I dun see many people who actually buy the tissue from him.

Shortly after he started selling tissue there, a friend of mine brought him inside our church and he accepted Christ. Praise the LORD.

He was there yesterday as usual selling his tissues. He approached a brother of mine and asked him to buy from him. To which my friend replied "I have no need for tissue." And the man replied, "But I need your help!" But my friend just walked away.

I was disturbed by the outcome of the event, to say the least. I stepped forward to buy the tissue from him, paying him double of what I gave him every week. Though I have no need for tissues either.

I pray that my church friends who reads this will find the compassion in their hearts to help this man, be it buying his tissues or whatever. For what is our religion if we do not even help the poor around us? I'm sure we can have 1001 reasons for not helping him but I pray that we will look beyond logic and turn into our hearts. Logic and Arguments will never end. But Love is perfect and conquers all.

I will leave you with this to end:

"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?'

The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' " Matthew 25: 37-40


Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

The lyrics to Corrinne May's songs are very apt and insightful. Take a read.

11:51 pm  
Blogger Phyllis said...

Corrine May is good
Her song is deep n her voice is cool too...
Check out her website and you can listen to some song in her new album

12:27 am  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Corrinne May has a good voice and the songs are nice. But I find the songs a bit melanchonic, so I stopped listening already.

Now singing "How great is our God" Like that very much. :D

Yes, I know that uncle you mentioned. Last time Chris Tan also got invite him before. But he said next time. :)

Actually, not only outside church got uncle. Every Sun I go your place that time I will see 2 old ladies selling tissue at the MRT area. 50% of the time I will buy. But God also reminded me that same verse so nowadays I prepare my $1 before alighting from the bus... ha ha ha..

3:51 pm  
Anonymous kEliN said...

hey.. i know who u r talking abt.. i chatted with him one day too, n invited him to the service.. was pleasantly surprised n happy to hear that he is saved!! =) thank GOd for your friend who brought him into our church!!

10:42 am  

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