Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mid night movie

Somebody says since I'm sick, I should stay at home and blog more. Wahaha

Played guitar for cell group yesterday. This is 1st time for this cell group. I must say it could be done better. The co-ordination was quite bad and the guitar could not really follow the worship leader very well. Wahaha. A lot of AAR (i.e debrief) points. Well, probably its because the worship leader is 1st time also.

Need more practise ba. Haha. In short: Very humbling experience.

After cell group I went to watch movie with Jade. The movie is called "Lilya 4 ever" and its only shown in Cathay Cineleisure. I went into the cinema without knowing what movie it was about. Wahaha. Because Jade ask me to watch with her mah.

Anyway, it was about this 16 year old girl called Lilya, who is forced into prostitution and got raped wherever she went... So in the end she committed suicide. Not a bad movie, if you like movies about fighting spirit and all that stuff. Din like the ending though, I thought she could have ran away instead of jumping off the bridge.

BTW, the movie was not in English. Dunno what language issit. It could be Mongolian for all I care. Wahaha


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