Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The day I become LES

Not many people know this, but I have a nick name.

I'm called Lef.

The origin of Lef:
I was a newly commissioned officer back in 1998. And I was due to distrupt for studies in 2 months time. And during these 2 months, I took a group of cadets, who are destined to be my classmates in NUS.

Of course, they remembered me more than I remembered them when I saw 1 of them in NUS. It turns out that we were in the same orientation group. This guy called Kelvin Poh, and together with Desmond Goh, we become the best buddies.

And because I was their Lieutenant (pronounced 'Lef- Teh- Nant'), they start calling me "Lef" for short. And the nick stuck. That group of friends all know me as "Lef". I'm not sure if they even know my real name. Wahaha. To them, I'm just Lef. Even in Desmond's wedding invitation, I am known as Lef Chew Kuo Jiun.

But now that I'm promoted to Captain liao, shouldn't my nick be changed to "Cap" instead? Hahaha.

Well, that's that. I dun really use that nickname much now, and only those group calls me and continue to call me Lef. People like Desmond, Kelvin and Ben. Sometimes when there is a need, like when I'm playing DotA, I will use that nick also.

Lef is a nice nick, I think. At the very least, it is unique, and easy to pronounce. I like it. Wahaha.

Except on this particular time, when we were making a company T-shirt in my, er... company. And my Sergeant came to me and ask:

SGT: Sir, what nick name you want to put on the T-shirt?
Me: Nick ah? Put Lef lah.
SGT: Lef? As in L-E-F?
Me: Yup yup.

But look what came back from the shop.....


OMG!!!!!! LES!!!!!!! Now I become a LES!!!!!!!!

You will NEVER catch me dead in that shirt.....


Oops... You guys can see my room is in a mess too.


Blogger Jayaxe said...

Eh, that can be a short form for 'LES Miserables'!

12:06 am  
Blogger Guojun said...

Yeah Right! Haha. Siao!

4:57 pm  

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