Thursday, December 22, 2005

King Kong

I watched King Kong yesterday.

Its been a long time since I went out with Miss E but we finally met for movie yesterday. One thing about me and her is that we got very different tastes in movies. She likes all the high action explosion, kill'em all type while I like love stories, romantic comedies and human drama stuff. Hence, there are a lot of movies which we wun watch together, unless its the mega blockbuster like King Kong.

King Kong was not bad, but I think I slept through about half an hour of it. I think they spent too long trying to rescue the girl from Kong. And dunno why yesterday I felt really really tired. So I slept for a while... from the time they were chased by dinosuars until they threw chloroform at him until he is knocked out.

I enjoyed the later part of the movie than the initial, where Kong broke lose in the city and fought the army. Quite sad that Kong died in the end, but I more or less expected that though I never watched the original version. Miss E felt that Kong shouldn't have died. She says they should catch him and send him back to the island, or something like that.

Had a rather fulfilling holiday so far. Caught quite a few movies and and met a few friends... Need more slept though.. Cos I'm still sick........


Blogger Gabrielle said...

i feel the same as miss E.. so sad when king kong died...

3:26 am  
Anonymous sharon said...

i like slow moving romantic flicks too! next time date me!

by the way, i got you a small gift. maybe got time we can meet up. =)

merry christmas!

1:12 pm  

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