Saturday, December 24, 2005

Thanksgiving (Lijiang Trip) 3

Alright!!! Finally I decide to sit down and blog about my Lijiang trip again. Just to put some pictures to show all the fun we had while we were there. (Cos we cannot put up the pictures of the work we do there)

1st up, a meeting with a old friend at Kunming Airport!!!

Picture 008

Shishan (centre of pictue) was a dear sister who went to serve the Lord with her dentistry powers in Yunnan earlier this year. If you remembers, we gave her a farewell party and sent her off at the airport earlier this year. Heehee. She looks better than ever, heard she even got a 20% weight gain there... Wahaha.

Nice seeing you again babe!!

七星街 (Seven Star Street) is like our Orchard Road here, where people come to do all their shopping.

Picture 017

No prize for guessing where the girls spent all their free time at!! Wahaha. They got some really good bargains there, like a good pair of trekking shoes for less than $50 SGD!!

This is us having lunch at 七星街.


Our meals always cost us less than $3.00 SGD and we eat until our stomach explodes. The food is rather oily though. Everytime we asked them to put less oil and salt, the food still comes in as oily as ever.

Then next is some of our R&R photo shots.

This is the much coverted 玉龙雪山 (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain).

Picture 009

We saw this on the 1st day of our trip and had wanted to go up ever since, but we din get to do it in the end due to the weather conditions. Sigh.

We made it to the half way point though, at the 3000km mark, and here are some photos to prove it.

Picture 068

Picture 099

Picture 106



This is soooo unlike me.... Wahaha... okok... Here's some pictures of the pretty girls I've met there.

Picture 123

Picture 125

Picture 052

Picture 103

Picture 105

Next, this is suppose to be a tourist attraction place... But when we went there, there is only horses and water... But we still take a picture there, and look like we are having fun!!! Wahaha


Finally, this is the photo of my favourite night.

Picture 061

We found this little pub there which plays blues and jazz music (in Chinese!) and we had our dinner there. Just the 4 of us. We had the best Drunken Chicken (which is like 90% alchohol!) and we ate dinner under the stars...

Now, that's heavenly.


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sounds like a lot of fun!

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Steady lah... Thks for the pics bro...

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