Monday, January 02, 2006

Wallace and Gormit (and last day of holiday)

Watched Wallace and Gormit movie today. Wahaha, never expect to watch the movie actually, but sister Jiahui asked me to watch with her.

So in the end, I brought Jiahui, Kelly (as she was giving tuition to my sister), my sister and her schoolmate-neighbour-best friend to Plaza Sing to catch the movie at 7pm. Wahaha. Me and FOUR GIRLS!!! I must say, it was fun bringing the girls out, especially with my sister and her friend, who is like giggling non-stop since the minute they meet.

We missed the 5pm show as it was almost sold out and the kids dun want to sit in the 1st row, so we bought the tickets for the 7pm show instead.

Dinner was at Pizza Hut, where I think we over stressed the waiters with our never ending demands. Wahaha. The little girls had their 1st pizza there, in between their whispers and giggles.

Oh ya, Wallace and Gormit. Kiddy show, no doubt, But real funny and entertaining. If not for the fact that I am in terrible lack of sleep, I would have enjoyed the movie much much more. This is the 1st time I watch Wallace & Gormit but I think they did a wonderful job, considering they are transported there from the small screen.

Really sleep. Tomorrow going to work liao. End of holiday, start of a new year of work.

Jia You!


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