Monday, January 02, 2006

How I spend my New Year's (aka why do people like to fight wars in the dead of the night)

I did not go for any parties, or any count downs for that matter. I did not watch the whatever New Year variety shows that they have every year on Channel 5, or Channel 8 or Channel U or whatever channel Mediacorp has nowadays. On New Year's Eve, I slept at 10.30pm. At my Brigade's Ops Room.

Yup, I was on duty again on New Year's Eve.

Sigh... I think I have a very sad life.

My church's New Year Bash was on sunday, New Year's day itself. But I did not attend the party. Cos my buddy Ben Lim is going to have his wedding next month and we are going to help him with all the co-ordinations and stuff. So we had a BBQ cum meeting that night for all the "brothers" and "sisters" of the couple to discuss about the wedding. Haha. This is the 1st time I am a "brother" for a friend's wedding, so I'm quite excited.

Ben is one of those who knows me as Lef, and now, his fiance and all his friends know me as Lef too. Wahaha. Think I kinda like that name. Cos, like Ben's mother-in-law said, It's unique.

After the BBQ, which ended about 10.30pm, I went to meet my cell group for a game of Risk. I have no idea why they like to play Risk so much, or why they like to play in the dead of the night, so much. I reached the place about 11pm, but they only reach close to 01.30am. (they went for supper at Simpang Bedok) after the church new year bash.

Anyways, (there is really no such a word as "anyways") the crowd that turned up was not really what I expected. They included Kenneth, my cell leader and his fiance Lynette Lim, Daniel, Lawrence, Sophia Tan and myself. Actually I was expecting more of a guy's crowd but then again, who say girls cannot play Risk (or fight war for that matter?). In fact, Sophia Tan won the second game.

But the thing I dun understand is, why must people play all these games in the dead of the night? Like my mahjong kahkis, they also like to play mahjong from night until 6am type. Like that next day how to function?

But I had a good time playing Risk with them, at least I got to know them much better. Like how Lynette got all crazy after midnight and how serious Daniel can be when planning to kill people. Wahaha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually a more apt subject should be "why do ppl like to play risk during public holidays?"

hahaha... i was at a party over christmas and i watched a group of boys played risk til 4plus am! strange...

btw.. i dont play risk. =P



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