Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chinese New Year I

Finally! I am ready for Chinese New Year!

Heehee, spend the whole of yesterday picking out all the unwanted rubbish in my room and throw them away. According to Chinese tradition, all rubbish of the yesteryear must be thrown before the new year comes. So in the end, I finally managed to clear all my rubbish by 2000hrs yesterday. Yeah!

Then I spent half of this morning to tidy up whatever mess that is in my room to make everything spick and span. Yeah! Spick and Span... Heehee, haven't heard that phase in quite a while.

Well, here's a "Before" and "After" look at my room...


Picture 053


Picture 058


Picture 055


Picture 060
Not entirely the "High C" kind of neat and tidy but I think its ok lah. (although actually I can be quite high "C" wan)

And this is the rubbish I thrown away, all 4 trash bags of them!

Picture 057

Oh ya, I dug out a little letter from my next door neighbour. I think this was written about 5 years ago. I dun remember the details of everything, but I remember I start receiving these cute letters one fine day. I can't remember what the first letter is about either. I think she was introducing herself and stuff like that, written in brightly coloured pens and decorated with cute stickers.

This is not really her 1st letter

Then she wrote about how she enjoyed listening to me playing guitar every night and stuff like that. Haha. But then that time she's only like.. 15? 16? Anyway, all things she wrote is about girlish stuff, like which star she likes, etc.. So I never really paid much attention to her. I wrote a few letter back to her, but its all polite and friendly stuff.

Counting the years, I think she's about 20-21 now. I dun really see very much of her cos I am seldom home. But there's one time I saw her a couple of weeks back. She turned into a real babe now. Wahaha. That's what the Chinese call "女大十八变". (meaning that girls really changed a lot after they have matured) I heard she's been approached by some model agency before even. Haha.

Too bad i did not have foresight.


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