Saturday, January 21, 2006

No point whatsoever...

Finally, I decided to sit down and blog a post. Apologises to my readers, who have been checking for updates daily. A few times, I sat in front of the computer thinking if I should blog, but then I decided that I did not have the time, energy and focus to pen a good entry. So I decide against it.

What happened this week? I dunno... nothing much... all I remember that this is the 1st 5 day week I had in a long time. Haha. Tired...

Life has been pretty monotonous. Mostly work, some leisure, ocassionally God. I am trying, to put God at the center of my life. Focus Numero Uno. But its not easy, for me at least. It takes a lot of deliberate effort on my part, and I lose focus easily. I was once taught that we are not to put God on as the number one priority of our lives. Rather, God should be the centre of our lives, and all priorities will follow from there. Hmm... not sure if I got that correct. But its something like that lah... I think.

Linguist, I am not. But I have expanding my vocabulary in other languages, namely Bahasa Indonesia. It's part of a program organised by the SAF so I'm learning it for free. Had my third lesson already, and I can say simple phrases like "Selamat Pagi" (Good morning), "Nama saya Guojun" (my name is Guojun), "Saya punya banyak uang" (I got lots of money) and of course "Saya cinta Kamu", which means "I love you" in Indon. Very useful in picking up Indon girls. Wahaha.

Very fun to learn a new language, especially if you have somebody to converse with. Right now, I can talk to Jade and Melissa (who is sleeping in the next room from me) in Indon... but it's barely decent. Eh... Barely decent as in my Indon is not very decent... not as in we talk stuff that is not very decent... Ahem.

Oh ya, I cannot find anybody to watch Memoirs of the Geisha with me! I am so sad I cannot believe this. Sigh.. Most of the friends have other plans to watch with other people, and I'm not suppose to join them.. So maybe I dun really have any friends after all. Sigh Sigh Sigh... Maybe I go watch alone?

My life is so sad. Reminds me of the times when I am growing up, when I really had ZERO friends, and no one I could talk to. Thank God I have some now. Or at least I feel that I have friends now. I dunno. Getting a little melancholic again. Ha!

Change topic. Yesterday, the whole group of us got scolded by Boss in the morning. Haha. Then all of us very sad. Then one of the guys said "Everytime I got scolded by Boss I am damn low morale, Then I look at Chew sir (that's me) I feel much better. Because I never karna as jialat as him before."



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