Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CNY II + new guitar poses

So far my chinese New Year has been great.

On the 1st day, I went to church for service. Ya, I know, it's 初一 (Chinese New Year 1st day), but it's also a Sunday. Anyway, I dun have to do any visiting.

As I always say in Chinese: 我不需要去拜年,他们会来拜我。


I invited my SM2 group to my place for dinner on the 1st day. To tell the truth, I am a bit disappointed that the turn out is not 100%. 3 of them got other programs planned and 1 of them got sick. turn out is 10 + 2(befrienders) out of 13 + 3.

What did we do? The usually stuff that people do when people come and visit lor. We treated them to the speciality of my mother's home cooked food (拿手好菜). (which all of them said was very good) I showed them the room which I had spent the whole day cleaning up; We went through my photo collection (before I start using a digital comera and all my photo get digitised) and I woah-ed them with my guitar playing skills. Heehee. Here's a few pictures of me playing the guitar, which they took for me.

Picture 083
Trying to look cool...

Picture 084The guys behind, don't watch TV! Look at me!

Picture 085
Check out my Red Flying V! Tell me it's not the coolest guitar ever!

Tell me! Tell me! Which pose is most cool? 1st, 2nd or 3rd wan? Personally I think the 2nd is my favourite so far. There should be more but they haven't send it to me yet. Heehee..

Of course, finally, its the group photo that we took in our room, with the special guest appearance of my darling little sister.

Picture 097
Quick! How many fingers?


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Hmm 2 Two 二

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