Saturday, February 11, 2006

Yeah! Family Day!

Had a nice weekend today.

Spend the 1st half of the day at Sentosa for our 7SIB CNY cum Family Day celebration. Which was very fun. Although we stayed there from 9am to 2pm, it doesn't feel like we stayed so long there.

As usual, we were the organising party for the Bde this year. But this year's was much better done than the last. Everybody, including the children, all had fun today. Here's the pictures to prove it:

The Officers of BRC. And the organizing committee for the Family Day!

The 3 beautiful angels who helped made the event a success. Haha.


The winners of Tug of War... BRC! Help Lah!!!!!!!!

Then after Sentosa I went to meet my SM2s at Funan Centre. They had an activity in the morning but I was unable to join them because of the family day. So I went down to meet them after that. Was so disappointed that only 4 of them turn up in the end. *sob*

One of them, Huang Yi, wanted to learn guitar so I brought her to buy one. As usual, I recommended Takamine's G 230 at Davis, which I think it's a wonderful guitar for a beginner. I recommend this guitar whenever people tell me that they want to learn guitar. The only draw back is that it cost $200, which is a tad expensive for some people.

After that we went to Swensons for some gourmet ice cream, where I discovered that Huang Yi's birthday is next week! So we ordered one Fire House Happy Birthday for her. Wahaha!


Birthday girl and her birthday.. er.. ice cream.


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