Monday, March 06, 2006

One of those times

Just feel a sudden urge to write this... a little love story of mine when I was in Uni.

Actually, I don't think anybody knows about this. Not that its a BIG secret or anything, but just that I never had the chance to.. I'm not going to put her real name here, but if you had known me back then, you'd probably know who I'm talking about.

Let's start from the top. In the 1st year of Uni, me and my buds were contemplating what ECAs we should join. There were 3 of us in the gang. Myself, Kpoh and Des. (so if both of you are reading this, you will know who I am talking about) And under the influence of Kpoh, we went on to join CACS, which is one of the bigger ECA in NUS at that time. We join the Community Service (Children) part of the organisation, which is good because there are a lot of pretty girls there. Of course that was not our primary motivation for joining that ECA.

Actually, to tell the truth, I wasn't really impressed by the girls there at that time. Not that there were no pretty and nice girls over there, but rather at that time, I did not know how to appreciate them.

I got to know this girl, lets call her FL, there. She was not bad looking, with rather unique features. (sometimes people asked if she was Korean) And she had very fair and beautiful skin. She is very very nice and was the most acommodating girl I know to date (it's last time that date lah)

We got along rather well, together with Kpoh and Des, and we become very close. In Uni year 2, she got interested in ballroom dancing, like Tango and Cha-Cha all that stuff and she was looking for people to join with her and be her dance partner. So, in the end I became her dance partner.

Because of that, we spent a lot of time together, 1st for CACS and after that for ballroom dancing. I guessed the feelings developed from there. Des and Kpoh had long suspected that I had a crush on her, but I never admitted it. Even until now, I have never made that official "I liked FL" statement before.

And there was a very good reason for that. FL had a boyfriend then. She got attached to this guy shortly before I got to know her, and they were together until towards the end of their Uni days.

But still, we continue to grow close, this time without Kpoh and Des. I think one of the most memorable time in my life is when I danced with her every week, learning Cha-Cha, Waltz, Tango and what nots. I like the feeling of holding her in my arms and both of us moving together with the music.

We were the best of friends for a long time, going out, talking and studying together. But only when her boyfriend was not around lah. For the record, that guy had a face that everybody wants to punch and nobody liked him. I never understand what FL saw in him that time.

We were so close that sometimes I would sleep over at her hostel if I was too tired and did not want to go home. Of course, we did not do a Tammy do anything. I just slept on the floor while she sleeps on the bed. Or sometimes she will sleep over at the boyfriend's room. Yup, we were very close, but I never got to the point of telling my feelings for her.

She broke off with her boyfriend during their last year in Uni (without any help from my part). But still I did not tell her. She had a lot of issues to sort out that time and I did not want to add stress to her.

Well, that was that. After Uni, we started to drift apart. She got her own issuses to settle and I got mine. And work got the better of us. She met other guys and me, other girls. We are still friends and meet up once in a while, together with Des and Kpoh. The last I saw her, she was together with a nice looking guy from her ex-company.

I did got to telling her my feelings once, that I "once" had feelings for her. But that was more like a casual remark. Sometimes I wondered how things would be like if it were... you know.. different.. and we could be together...

Well... sometimes...


Blogger vandice said...

aw... jun... tt's soooooooo... aw...

you know, I have no words marn. Best buds and all.

12:39 am  
Anonymous ther said...

haha, so this is what you wrote last night. i think you expressed yourself very well. it's a uber classic story.

1:43 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Vandice> Huh?

Ther> What classic? No lah. I think I can write better. Just that I a bit lazy last night.

10:00 pm  
Blogger gilesy said...

chew sir! this story is so sweet! wahaha.. well u never know right.. maybe she might be mrs chew some day O.o and the cancelled do a tammy part had me in stitches muahahaha

7:48 pm  
Blogger Maximus said...

Someday, you will meet your one. This i promise you. when can we meet up? don't give up on fate. the right one hasnt shown up. patience my man.

1:39 pm  
Blogger "ShAntay" SeRenE said...

What a sweet entry...totally understand how you feel because I have a sneaking suspicion I might be in your shoes a few years down the road!

2:09 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Dear all, thanks for your concern. I'm fine. Just reminiscing a forgotton memory. Not hoping for a Mrs Chew or what. Not her at least.

BTW, Maxi, you know who she is? Clue: she appeared at your wedding.

Serene> Added you on MSN but you din response to my messages... =P

10:09 pm  
Anonymous youknowwho said... then openly confess your feelings after all the years?!:p

btw, gotta hand it to you for bottling up tat long...truly admire your patience and consideration as a fren for FL...

u the best man

1:58 am  

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