Sunday, March 05, 2006

2 Movies and 1 ... something...

Had a very full and filling (hence fulfiling.. keke) weekend again. A quick run through of the events...

Saturday morning started with a SM2 event, where they come and learn about the 8 Multiply Intelligence people have. Logical, Musical, Lingustics, Inter-personal... etc.. Had a great time learning about each other, as well as my own Intelligence inclination. Haha! Anyway, the test shows that I am more musically inclined (not surprised!!) followed by good intra-personal (2nd) and lingustic (3rd) skills.

After that, we did a little fun exercise where we wrote on a piece of card words of encouragement for one another.

Here's mine:

Picture 007

Picture 008

After that, I went to watch Munich at Plaza Sing with some of my cell mates and friends. I think Munich was quite well done, although some of the scenes are a bit graphics and not really necessary. It's a bit long (2 and half hours) but totally engaging throughout.

In my humble opinion,

Based on true story + Steven Spielberg = very good movie.

The movie lasted from 6pm to almost 9pm. Then I took a little break before I went in again for Underworld 2: Evolution. I enjoyed Underworld 1 very much, and that why I wanted to watch this also.
Not bad overall, although the storyline thins out towards the end and it was reduced to glorification of gore, gross and gruesome killings.

Its a miracle I did not fall asleep and managed to sit through the entire 2 movies.

Its also nice to note that I met 2 friends (Jiahui & Elisabeth from my Uni) who watch in the same theatre for Munich and another 2 friends (Cherlene and BF) in the same theatre for Underworld. Haha.

On Sunday, I had the usual SOL -> church -> guitar lesson -> go home and rest after dinner.

Quite tired already. Tomorrow is monday again. At least I like my new office and it has shorter working hours than before. Hee.


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