Saturday, February 25, 2006


Finally, I'm back again.

This week is a tad less busy, cos I will be posting out soon. (99% confirm lah) Suppose to be 1st March to report to my new unit but then, my posting order is not out yet.

I invited the guys to my place for dinner on Wed. The guys as in my WHOLE Company, all 50+++ of them. Its sort of a farewell party for myself before I get posted out. Lucky my house big enough to hold all of them. And they get to enjoy the food cooked by my mother. Which happens to be very good!!

And some of the guys get to play with my guitars. And I must say, some of them are very good! Like Alfred, which knows all the Metallica songs. I am not even an amatuer in front of them; I'm like a beginner!

Other things that happen this week? Hmm.. Went on the National Education Tour, Lion's Trail on Monday. Visited the new Supreme Court. It looked very mordern and cool, but I think it lost the traditional touch.

Nothing much for Tue and Wed. Met my cell leader for dinner on Thursday. Just for dinner and chit chat. This is actually the very 1st time I do this kind of thing in my life - to go out with my leader and have dinner, initiated by me somemore. Nothing much, just talked and get to know each other better, I think.

Sleep through friday and am currently doing duty on Saturday in my camp now. Haha.

Thats all more now. Hopefully I got time for more frequent updates when I get posted to my new unit! Yeah!


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