Friday, March 03, 2006

New base, new place

Today is the 3rd day in my new unit. Still nothing much to do.

Maybe I should start from Day 1...

Reported at Sembawang Air Base on 1st March, 0800hrs. My new appointment is to be the Training Officer of SBAB, aka DyS3.

The RPs are very thorough in their check of my vehicle, so much so that I reported a little late for work. Met my 2 immediate boss, CO and S3. I think that they are very nice guys people.

The HQ went out for breakfast for prata in one of the housing estate nearby. Seems like this is a daily routine. Present that day was CO, S3 RSM and myself. Seems like they like to er... look at the people around them when they have breakfast....

Din do anything much really, except to get some administrative matters sorted out.

CO say that I should learn to play golf if I want to go far in the SAF, and there is no better place to learn than here in SBAB.

Day 2, I did not report for work. Haha. Instead I went back to Bedok Camp to settle some stuff. And to take my Bahasa Indonesia test. Haha, I was top 5 in class, of about 20 poeple.. I think... Haha. Apa Kabar?

Also had a very good talk with my OC before I left. Think its very good to be able to have this talk, cos we were friends before he become my OC, then the relationship got a bit weird. But now everything is back to the way before, I think. Then I spend the evening playing DotA with the guys, one last time, before I leave.

Something the guys did for me before I leave... This is a comic impression CPL Mark drew of me. Mark is a very good artiste, as you can see your yourself. I am both heartened and honoured to have this picture. Thanks, Mark.

sir chewy1

So... back to the 3rd day of work... today... nothing much.. except I did some understudy with my upper study. Ha!


Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

See told you to learn golf liao...

10:20 am  
Blogger Jayaxe said...

That's a fantastic caricature!

Oh so, you transferred to Sembawang Airbase. Remember to have the famous Chong Pang Lasi Lemak nearby.

10:09 pm  

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