Sunday, February 26, 2006

Guitar lesson 2

Guitar lesson today again. Not sure if I am doing the right thing... as in I went in without preparing anything and teach them whatever comes along. Actually I think it works fine so far, cos most of them are beginners and will learn just about all I teach. Haha. But maybe I should come up with a more systematic approach. Then we will not waste other people's (i.e. the student's) time also.

I need more male students!!! My students are all females again today. Got a few comments already... "Guojun, you going to be surrounded by girls again!" and "Guojun, you are so lucky!!"

Eh... Sigh... I dun teach guitar to get to know girls lah... Think I'm kinda past that phase already.. Haha. (read old) Oh ya, to answer JX: no lah, I'm still in the army. Am teaching guitar for free. Teaching guitar how to earn as much as working in the SAF? Haha.

What else happened this weekend? I banged my car at the back bumper on friday. Its the worst hit yet. Got one humongous crack at the back of my car now. *Heart pain! And I spend one afternoon repairing and restoring an old and worn out guitar. The 1st time I did this. Heehee, was so proud of myself. Maybe I can be a guitar luthier after I retired. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the guitar before I gave it away.

Got 2 bottles of wine this week. Never had anybody given me wine in my life, then suddenly I got 2 within a week! Maybe I can start becoming a alchoholic. Heehee.

Posting out next week? Not 100% confirmed yet... I really hope so... Crossing my fingers...



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