Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday monday...

Today is another happy but tired day.

Took half day off from work, because nobody is working again, and brought my new guitar student to buy guitar. Turns out this new student is a very experienced and talented pipa player back in China, and she picks up the new instrument very quickly. And she has perfect pitch! that means if you are playing a note, she can tell the note you are playing is Do, Re or Mi, or whatever. She is really good.

After we bought the guitar, this student, another girl and myself went to the beach at Labordor Park and play guitar until sun-set.

Then I went over to Plaza Sing to watch Nannay McPhee with 2 other girls from my cell. The show is rather typical and predictable, but nevertheless, fun to watch.

That was my day. How's yours?

I realised that nowadays my eyes get tired very easily. Not sure if it is because I stared the the computer screen too much or what. Need to let my eyes rest now.


Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

Kept forgetting, can help me get the gauge 9 strings if you are still going to the guitar place?

11:33 am  
Anonymous Dawn said...

wahaha... girls all around you.. of cos happy day lah.. heee...

9:11 pm  

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