Sunday, March 12, 2006

Of leaders and guitars

Happy day this is. Not sure why I'm so happy though. Maybe I had a good session at SOL; maybe it's because I had a good time in church, maybe it's because I had 2 new students in my guitar class today.

Or maybe it's all of them added together. Wahaha!

The common theme in church and SOL is the same today. Well, not actually. But it speaks a message in unison, and that is in regards to being a leader. A leader is to shepherd, to manage and to lead a cell group. A person can be strong in one of these 3 (and usually is) but a leader needs to exercise all. A leader must possess dreams and visions, or else there is no direction to lead the people to, and the people will end up doing whatever they want.

The military has taught me much about leadership and being a leader. Such like a leader has to have a purpose and goal in mind; a leader must plan and consider all possibilities; and most of all, a leader must care for his people and be there for them regardless.

A Leader motivate and inspire. He gives faith to the faithless and brings love to the winter heart.


And regarding my guitar class, progress is a little slow, I think. But it can't be help, cos some are slower learner than others. Some more today 2 more new students joined in (girls again!), so I have to start teaching all over again. Realised the expectations of my students are actually quite high. Cos I have been going there without any plans of curricullum, and just teaching them some simple stuff. Probably I have to come up with more of a concrete lesson plan soon.

I WANT MALES STUDENTS LEH!! Hopefully next week got males students coming in...

Oh ya, I added another couple of blogs to my blogroll. Welcome Serene and Ah Lang. Serene is a link's link who came to read my blog. And Ah Lang was one of my ex trooper in the army. I'm really impressed with Ah Lang's blog. I din know a Maths teacher (to-be) can have such refined lingustics. Heehee. Added a few others as well, but they are not as important. Haha!


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