Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cell surprise

Had my first CO Parade in my new unit yesterday. And I was the Parade Commander! Ha! This is the first time I took the role of a Parade Commander in a parade. Previously, I had just been marching inside the ranks (when I was still in BMT and OCS) and once asa Contingent Commander for Guards Contingent during NDP 2004.

Super nervous and excited, to say the least. But overall, things went well. Had a good 1st experience, with no screw-ups on the Parade Square and everything went smoothly. Heehee.

Then in the evening, I had a great time at cell group as well. Got 2 really great surprises turn up in the middle of the cell.

In the middle of cell, when our cell leader was "scolding" us for not spending enough time on praying, the girls from the other cell came over and surprised us with food! And I mean FOOD!! Wahaha. There was cake and brownies and nachos and fruits of every kind. And my favourite Almond Jelly too! Wahaha.

BTW, for those who didn't know, in our church, the guys and the girls go to seperate cell groups.

Then the girls took turns to encourage each and every guy by saying all the nice things they think about us. Followed by the presentation of card to the guy. Gals, you have really out done yourselves this time. I must say that I am really touched and impressed. Never expect anybody to pull such a stunt. (Though the execution is a bit messy, but its ok. Can refine the process next time. Haha!)

Oh ya, here's my card:

And the 2nd surprise: Jonathan came back from China!! Wahaha. Jonathan is a fellow Christian brother who went to China a couple of months back to start his own food business there. Have been praying regularly for him, but never expect him to come back so soon. Turns out that there some things cropped up at his home and he had to come back for 2 weeks. Nevertheless, the cell was so happy to see him!!!

Welcome back Jon.


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