Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Evil Christians

Sat down at 10.00pm in front of my computer, with full intention to start writing my blog immediately. Now its almost 11.30. Wahaha.

Had spent the last 1.5 hours chatting on msn....

My topic of the day is Evil Christians.

Christians are actually not "good" people. Precisely, Christians are Christians because they know that they are not good. In other (religious) words, they know that they are "sinners". Then the next thing they believe is that Jesus, the Son of God, died for their sins and at the same time, forgives them. Thus releasing them from the curse of their sin.

There is a lot more to elaborate than that, but right now, that will be sufficient.

My point is that Christians have flaws too. They have faults and they are not immuned to sin. Therefore, do not expect Christians to be super role model citizens or all holy-moly goody goody two shoes...

Christians are humans too. We are subjected to greed, lust, laziness and all the 7 sins depicted in the Hollywood movie, Seven. We try our best not to commit them, but a lot of times, we fail. Of course that doesn't make us murderers or rapist. Maybe we tell a white lie, or we did not return a mis-calculated change from the cashier. Or maybe we lost our temper at somebody today. All those things.

To err is human, to forgive is divine. And to know that one has erred and seek divine forgiveness is Christian.

But God will not leave us in our flawed state forever. Slowly, He will do a work in us and cause us to change for the better. Personally, I believe this is true, for this is the reality of my experience.

But pride. Pride is one thing that should not be evident in a Christian. For to seek forgiveness, one must first forgo his pride. And God has said in the Bible a lot of times, pride is the ultimate of all evils. Pride is what makes the devil the Devil.

Therefore a Christian is not, when he is full of pride. And especially not when he thinks himself better than others because he is saved. That is why I am slightly disturbed when I came across the blog of this friend of mine. He seems have misplaced the emphasis of Jesus's teachings. Here are some of the things he wrote:

"I'm much more righteous, pure and stronger than you, so get off me before you pollute the air around me."

"Yes indeed I managed to be more "perfect" than normal guys..."

"I don't let the world judge what I do, becasue 99.999% of the world's inhabitants are blind and pursue worldly stuffs.."

"As I've proclaimed myself to be so much more righteous than anyone else around me, I stand in a very different light as they do..."

Not sure if he reads my blog. Doesn't really matter. I pray that God will teach him to have compassion and love, to be humble and forgiving, and heal him of the wounds of his heart.

What do you think? Comments?


Anonymous sharon said...

interesting... god says he opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. humility is the way to go... =)

12:21 pm  

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