Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Election

I'm going to talk about the Election!!

Nono... Not about the General Election which is plastering every front page of Straits Times everyday now... I got nothing to say about that... except maybe that Mr Chee should just shut up already....
Politics is not my forte.

The Election I am going to talk about is Election 2, the Movie. I watched Election part 1 several moons back with Miss Jade. And the election they talked about is no governmental election, but rather, the Hong Kong triads are electing their new chairman. So you see a lot of fights and blood all over the screen.

Election 2 continues with Lok (Simon Yam) ending his term as the chairman after 2 years and its time for another election. Lok, this time, becomes the bad guy (actually, its a HK triad movie, so they are ALL bad guys anyway) and desires to continue his reign in the Society. Of course that is against the rules, but there are no suitable canidates to take over him, except for Jimmy Lee (Louis Khoo). And so the fight begins.

Great movie and it has a lot of underlining political messages, though I thought Election 1 was more entertaining. Be warned, of the scene which earned this movie its M18 rating. It is where Jimmy took a chopper and cut off his enemy's arm, put it in the grinder and feed the meat to the dogs.. Very Very graphic. Turned my stomach a few times over.

Thats enough politics for me for a while....

The rest of the day is spent in church. Going for QQS meeting, congre meeting (never mind what they were if you dun know) and finally celebrating Jen Lee's birthday. I think the standard for celebrating birthdays in this cell group is very high. Which is very fun... Wahaha.

Lazy to put up the pictures...

I took a look at my bank account last night... and saw that I'm at the verge of bankruptcy... SOB!! God help me!!!!!!!


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