Saturday, April 29, 2006

thurs and fri...

Hey hey.... I'm a bit busy the past 2 days.....

Spend Thursday evening at my SM2's hostel... and by the time I sent my 2 other friends home, it's past 11pm... I had a good time chatting with my kids... but I think everytime must come up with new ideas to keep them entertained... Haha.. How ah? How to keep little kids entertained? Other then buying sweets and ice-cream for them.....

Last night was baptism service for some of my friends. Meaning to say, Yanglin, Sabrina, Sophia and Sarah were baptised into Jesus Christ through water last night. Thank God that I was able to go... because actually I had to stay back last minute for work... but then last last minute rain, thunder and lightning filled the skies so the work was postponed. Wahaha

And last night, 2 PRC guys gave their lives to Jesus.. Yeah! I will be following up with them.. and if everything goes well (fingers crossed x x), with God's blessing, I will be starting my own cell group soon!!! Wahaha.

More activities up this weekend... will blog more later..

Oh ya, I dun have to vote!! Wahaha. I think people living in Bishan too happy already, no point for opposition to come cos we all very happy with our PAP MPs... wahaha.... Happy holidays!


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