Monday, April 24, 2006

New friend...

Made a new friend yesterday. It was the veii that commented on my blog a few times. And he has added me in his msn. Our first conversation goes like this:

veii: hi guojun
GJ: hihi
veii: well, you asked who i was
veii: so here i am

GJ: veii?
veii: uh, yes
GJ: oic....
veii: anyways - i like to read your blog - if you don't mind
GJ: ha!
GJ: of course i dun mind

veii: i want you to know that i think you are a good man - though it is kind of ridiculous to say that of someone i have never met
veii: just a gut feel

GJ: good man??
GJ: haha
GJ: everybody is a good man
GJ: dun u think?

veii: yeah - it's a nice thought
veii: but
veii: i tend to think it is the ones who have to ask themselves whether they have done good today that are the ones who are, well, really good

GJ: oic...

(chatter chatter...)

veii: well, here's something somewhat personal - i think you have taken a turn for the sunnier side - at least from your blog?
veii: i think that is good too..
GJ: u have been reading for long huh?
veii: haha - well, it is a very compelling and personal blog
veii: you have been dealing with your struggles - personal, professional and spiritual - quite publicly..?
GJ: i write for my own record lah...
GJ: there r some things i dun write also

veii: yeah - well, there's got to be more to a person than a blog, obviously
and of course, it's not like i'd e-mail or msn just any blogger i come across
veii: but i wanted to say something nice to you
veii: errr.. hope i have? Anyway, here's to a better week ahead
GJ: thanks
GJ: u've made my day

Ha! Nice to make a new friend, especially someone that appreciates your blog.


Blogger serendipity said...

dun you think he sounds a bit gay?

haha. kidding.

8:31 am  
Blogger veii said...

The truth is..

The truth is, I envy his amazing ability to attract cute girls effortlessly!

Hi to Serendipity..

10:17 am  
Blogger FF said...

Er, I was going to say that gay bit too!

6:11 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Hey! You girls are so bad. Bully my new friend. Haha.

veii> no lah. I got a lot of ugly females friends also. It's just that I'm too ashame to blog about them. Haha. Kidding.

FF> How come you suddenly come out when people talk about cute girls? You very cute meh? Haha.

11:52 pm  

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