Sunday, April 23, 2006

One more thing

One more thing, in addition to my previous post...

Went for my motorbike Lesson 3 yesterday morning. This is my second time doing lesson 3. To my surprise, the instructor said that those that are repeating this lesson can ride and practise on their own.

And so I did.

Me and 3 others went ahead and do our own training. Lesson 3 consist of E brake, the plank and slalom. Basically I have no problem with all but the slalom, so I went ahead to practise on that immediately.

But try as I might, I could not get the trick of negotiating the short. Yes, I did that when I was doing my military bike before, but this feels totally different. Okok... Maybe I'm just finding excuses...

So I stopped and approached the insrtuctor for advice. But he was like:

Why? You want to do your own training what! Then now you anyhow ride the slalom. You and No. 2 the same!

He was refering to the guy with the tag number 2. And he dismissed me at that.

Argh!! I was fuming! But what to do? He dun want to teach... So I carry on riding on my own and try to find the trick for doing the thihng lor... Until the LAST 5 minutes of the lesson, then he stopped me and pointed out my mistakes. Then after that I have no problem doing the course. But then he still thinks I should come back and do Lesson 3 again.

Sian! Waste my time and money....


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