Sunday, April 16, 2006

2 2s and 3 3s

So far, weekend is so busy...

I have celebrated 2 birthdays in the span of 2 days and watched 3 movies in the span of 3. 1st 2 movies I have watched is Take the Lead and Heaven's Gates, Hell's flames.

The 3rd movie I watched this weekend, I watched last night. I think it's been a long time since I watched a movie with Miss E (not counting the HGHF). She only like high explosion+ high action + high body count type of movies. And not forgetting the high Hunk (not HULK) factor.

So yesterday we went to watch Firewall by Harrison Ford, whom I liked too. I think over all the movie was ok. A bit predictable and not a lot of exciting bits, but overall still ok. I'll give it maybe 3 or 3.5 stars.

I have one question though: Why do the bad guys always die in all these Hollywood movies? Why can't they go to jail or something? Or why can't they be suffering the endless torture of watch Phua Chu Kang for eternity?

Oh ya, Hollywood dun have PCK.

Speaking of Hollywood, why do all the big movie capitals have to copy Hollywood's brand name? 1st we have Bollywood from India, and now we have Sollywood from S.Korea. What's next? Do they have a Jollywood from Japan yet? Or do they call it Nollywood from the Nippon? Collywood from China? How about Singapore? We can't use Sollywood cos the Koreans beat us to it. I know! We can call it Sillywood.

And when is Hongkeewood going to start giving us quality movies again?

No offence to the Singapore flim-makers. And I confess that I enjoyed most of Jack Neo's movies.

Celebrated 2 birthdays for the past 2 days. Friday's was for one of my SM2's birthday. I sms-ed all the people in the group except the birthday boy. Suppose to be surprise mah! But then the real surprise came... The birthday boy is not around!! Wahaha. Quite funny. He went to the zoo to celebrate birthday with his friends. So we called him to come back so that we can celebrate with him.. Wahaha.

Then the next birthday, which is yesterday, we celebrated my cell mate, Daniel's birthday. Another surprise party, planned by his girlfriend. Wahaha. But then mission fail again. This time he came before we were ready to spring the surprise. Wahaha. So we had to ask him to go out and come back again... ...

Daniel's girlfriend, Liz, made alot alot alot of food, like really a lot of food. Think I ate like 2,000,000 calories yesterday.

Today is Easter sunday!


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