Saturday, April 22, 2006

Down Down Down......

Feeling down.

Hmm... where do I start?

Maybe I start with the 2 summons I got in the last 2 days. So stupid. I was going to turn left into my home mah.... so I go into the bus lane lor.... if not how to turn? Got a lot of things that I want to say to LTA now that I cannot put it down in print... Wahaha.

I wanted to go down to LTA and complain appeal but my friend WK say it wun be much use. So I think maybe I will not waste my time. But still! The summons total to $260. "White white" give to LTA. And its not my fault lor! Super sianz....

How? Any advice? What should I do? I dun think I should be fined cos its not like I delibrately go on the bus lane.. But then its unlikely that LTA will do anything...

Maybe I should approach my MP for help.... Haha....


Then the next thing is about my SM2 and my guitar group. Nowadays, I feel like I have reached the limit of what I am able to give them. Now I feel very lost and dunno what to do. Not sure if this feeling is really valid... or i'm just PMS-ing. But nowadays when I go down and see them, I feel kinda lost... Maybe I see that they are more or less able to take care of themselves already and maybe they dun need me anymore.

Hee, maybe that's what parents feel like when they see the children grow up.

Hmm... I think I'm crazy already.

So all these things combined, and feelings of inadecaucy slowly creep in... So now I feel kinda very down...

Wanted to get some chocolates just now as comfort food, the really very very good type, not Snickers or Mars Bar... But then I remember that Jesus is my comfort and my strength, not chocolates.


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