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Me been sitting here for a while. Have a burning desire to blog something but also had no idea what to blog.... I have many things that I want to blog, but I dun want to blog something if I do not have the time to fully develop my ideas....

Maybe I will talk about the Theory of Evolution. It is widely accepted that Charles Darwin is the man that proposed that the theory through his paper "The Origin of the Species" published in 1859. And since then, the general public has come to accepted that theory as a "fact".

But I totally disagree with the statement, or any claim that evolution is a "fact". Ok, I know that viruses and bacteria do mutate to become resistant to drugs and such. This, called Micro evolution, is scientifically proven to be true. But Macro evolution, which says that life start as a single cell and evolved to our current state, is (pardon my French) bullshit.

The Theory of Evolution cannot be true, and here are some of the reasons why:

1) The origin of life. In Darwin's time, it was believed that life can spring out of matter, like maggots that came out from a piece of meat. But Science have since proved that it is an impossibility to create life out of matter. The myth that life's 1st building blocks - a basic protein - was 1st created in the unstable atmosphere of Earth's formative years. But try as they might, evolution scientists, with their extensive knowledge and research, were unable to reproduce the said protein.

2) The formation of complex organs. Charles Darwin's Theory states very beautifully how one creature can "transform" to another by growing limbs, beaks, wings... etc. But it cannot explain the formation of a complex organ from a cell. For example, the 'eye' (not the movie 'The Eye') consists of the retina, the cornea, the pupil and muscles separated into some 40 different components. And any one of these is useless without the rest of the 'eye parts'. In other words, for an eye to be successfully evolved, all its component have to come into being simultaneously. The probability of a single protein forming by chance is calculated to be 1: 10 to the power of 950. That's 1 and 950 zeros behind. Dun even begin to think about the probability of an eye forming from nothing.

3) Creatures of flight. Evolutionary have us believe that birds learn to fly because they had 1st developed skin that help them glide and then later those skin "evolved" into wings. What they had forgotten to tell us, is that birds' skeletal and respiratory system is completely different from the rest of the animals. The skeleton of birds is hollow and light, hence allowing it flight. Any other animals' bones does not have this special feature. And the way the bird breathes is completely different from everybody else. But I'm sorry to say that I do not have the capacity here to fully explain it. But it is suffice to say that the Theory of Evolution cannot explain these at all.

4) The bipedal problem. Actually, man's ability to walk on 2 legs is an "evolutionary retreat". All studies have shown that walking on 2 legs is an evolutionary disaster. Our speed is greatly reduced, and so is our balance and mobility. That's why King Kong uses his hands to walk when he was acting in the movie...

5) The discovery of genetics and DNA. Actually, the discovery of genes and DNA completely debunked Charles Darwin's theory. The idea that life evolved slowly over billions of years becomes an impossibility. The only way life could "evolve" now is through mutation, changing of DNA and the genetic information which is to be passed down to the next generation (think X-Men). But so far, studies have shown that mutation only serves to destroy lives, not improve it.

There are many many other reasons and studies to prove that Evolution is a lie. But enough of that. I will talk about what I personally believe in.

I believe that God created the entire universe in 7 days. (and not 7000 days that some people suggest), starting with light and darkness on the 1st day followed by the plants, fishes and all the animals, and finally finishing with Man on the 6th day. On the 7th day, God rested from all His work.

Now, is that so hard to believe?


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