Thursday, March 31, 2005

Uni Visits and other things...

This could be my last post before I go Taiwan for the next 2 weeks. Will try to make another post tomorrow before I go but might not be able to.

Went to visit SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) yesterday. This is the 1st time I have been there and I must say it is a really nice place. Went there for cell group so did not have much time to explore the place. Cell group was kinda long yesterday and I had a hard time keep myself awake.

Then today I went to NTU (Nanyang Technological University). I went there to meet Sharon Low for lunch. It is also the 1st time I stepped into the place. I believe I created quite a stir when I appear in their Central Canteen in my full uniform, complete with rank and everything. Haha. I have never been to this 2 Uni before in my life and this week I have visited both.

Dun feel like working today so after that I went home and sleep. But before that, I bought 2 tickets for Lord of the Dance. Anybody wants to watch with me?

Topped up the petrol of my car for the 1st time today. Cost me almost $70 for the full tank. Thank God got 15% discount. My car got bird shit everyday. Even when I park and different locations. Dunno why so "lucky".

Sharon Low

Remember some time back, I did an entry on The Cindy and FF, two of my great friends? Today I am going to do another one. On this girl called Sharon Low. I briefly mentioned her before in one of my previous post.

I 1st met Sharon 9 years ago when I was in Victoria Junior College (VJC). It was 5th January 1996, Friday. I was a senior and she was a freshman. I will never forget that sight. It was one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Across the hall was this pretty little thing, in a white shirt and brown skirt (her school uniform lah), a pink plastic hairband and her collar slightly pulled back. I fell in love with her immediately.

Back in those days, we played this game called Secret Pals, whereby the seniors will befriend the freshmen by becoming their secret pen pal (hence the name). I made use of this game to get to know her. At that time, the only thing I am concerned about is writing SP letters to her. Everytime, I would start by writing a draft 1st before transferring the content to one of those nice cute type of paper. I think I spent about 4 hours each night on those letters. I still keep all the letters she replied to me.


I remember that time, her class had each of their photos pasted on the walls of the class rooms. And I went and stole her picture and made a copy for myself to keep. (Yes, I was crazy) By the way, did I mention that she looked like Phyllis Quek? Yes she does! Without the mole on her forehead of course. That's why until now Phyllis Quek is my favourite MediaCorp Actress.


I did some really crazy things because of her. Like giving her a Calvin and Hobbes comic book, coloured by Yours Truly. (Because I like C&H, not her! Haha.) I converted to Christianity because of her. Because that time she told me her partner must be a Christian. (I never regretted it though) and I signed on the army because of her. So that I can go to University together with her. I always tell people that I sign on for the money, the reality is I sign on because of her. Come to think of it, She really have affected my life greatly. Haha.

Not everything about her was good memories though. One year after the day I met her, I told her my feelings for her. I think by that time she sort of knew already. (I wasn't very subtle!) She broke my heart when she replied that she did not feel the same for me. *Sob*

Well, that was 9 years ago. After that, we somehow kept in touch and she had become one of my besttest friend. She is really wonderful as a friend. She is always there for me when I was down and never grew tired of my constant whining (except for this one time... Heehee). Sometimes I think that it would be wonderful to be together with such a great girl as her, but now I can't do it anymore, cos she's getting married is 6 months time. Haha.

To Sharon: Babe, if you are reading this, (which I know you are) I want to thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you for always being there for me, especially during my lowest point of my life. I really thank God that I have met you 9 years ago. I know my life will be incredibly different if I have not met you. Love ya.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

1st Car Day

Me have beem having super light days at work. Since monday, ALL the big bosses in my company have flown to Taiwan. So for the past 2 days, I got go work like I never go work like that. Might as well stay at home and sleep. Haha. The only thing is that I have to prepare for my own Taiwan trip this Satuarday, so I have a few things to do.

I hate last minute arrows!!!

MY CAR CAME IN TODAY!!!! Now I am officially a car owner! In fact, a proud owner of a KIA Cerato!! My friends call it the "Killed In Action" brand, which I sort of agree. Haha. Will post some pictures of it later on. Now I can drive everybody to everywhere they want!! Haha. One thing though, 1st day karna bird shit already. Lucky?

As for my fast, it is sort of still going as planned. Having some struggles now and then but I still managed to press on and endure. One thing though, I tend to eat more during dinner time to compensate for the lack of lunch, which I feel is not very good fasting mentality. Eating more for dinner sort of negates the effort put in to skip lunch, me thinks.

Missing Her again.... Going to pray again now.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nice Long Weekend

Had a wonderful long weekend this week. As you all know, on friday I went to Pulau Ubin and after that watched Swing Girls. Saturday was slow and uneventful. I have little to report except that I felt very restless that day and I could not focus on anything that I was doing. As a result, I had a very hard time praying during my fast. Felt a bit better after church service but at the end of the day I still feel lethargic. Very bad fast-day.

Sunday wise, I had a very hectic day today. At or about 1000 hrs, a certain Mr. LWK from my office called me and told me that I need to submit 02 x passport size photos by 1200hrs TODAY! Talk about last minute screw ups! I was told to meet him at Bugis to pass him the photos and since I have not taken the photos, I decided to take the required instant photos in the area which I was suppose to meet him. But alas! For some unknown reason, all the photo shops there are closed on sundays and I could not submit the photo graphs.

In addition, I was suppose to be at Plaza Sing at 1330hrs to collect the movie tickets I have booked earlier. So, after convincing him to let me hand in the photos later, I rushed to P.S to collect the tickets. And as I almost could not make it on time, I parked by the road illegally and flew up to get the tickets. The plan is to get the tickets 1st and settle the car parking later. I must say that I was very lucky today as 1. I managed to get the movie tickets 2 minutes before I was too late and they decide to release them to the other people, and 2. when I went back to the car, I saw a policeman walking towards my car to write a ticket for me. Thank God I went back in time! If I was 2 minutes later, I would have gotten the ticket. The tracffic ticket, not the movie ticket.

Watched Miss Congeniality 2 with a couple of friends. I think it was a light movie which does not require much brain juice. Pretty light hearted and funny. If you liked Miss Con1, you will enjoy Miss Con2 as well.

Back to the photo issue. After the movie, I met Mr. LWK to pass him the photos, afterwhich he proceed to return home, which got me freaking pissed. I mean, if you are going to just take my photo and go home, why can't you take it from me tomorrow instead? Why do you have to make me rush everywhere to get the photos for you when it was really not that urgent? Y'know what I mean? Argh!!!

In the mist of all that, I also managed to catch up with an old friend (whom I met for the movie) and talked about some things back in the old ministry. Well, not all is bad today.

I am still freaking inspired by Swing Girls! I wanna buy a saxophone!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Good Friday.

Maybe I will start with a bit of the origin of Good Friday. Everybody heard of Jesus Christ? The story goes that Adam and Eve sinned against God by eating the apple and ever since then, Mankind had fallen from the grace of God. That was where death and sickness and all that stuff come into the world. Then some 5 or 6 thousand years later, Jesus Christ (who was the incarnation of God), came to earth to die for us so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. And Good Friday is supposed to be the day He was crucified and died. Then, 3 days after that, Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave and that's where we get Easter Sunday.

Well, that's the gist of it. I'm not such a good story teller as Maximus with his Hou Yi and Slutty Chang e.

I started the day by meeting the cell groups (there were 4 cell groups there I think) in Pulau Ubin - an off shore island on the south of Singapore - and have a half day guided tour there. It was for cohesion more than anything else. The down part was that the weather was so hot and humid. The interesting part was that I got to learn about all the medical properties of the herbs and plants in P. Ubin. Not something you get to do everyday. Then again, given the chance, I would not want to do it again. Haha. In addition, there was only 2 guys there as compared to 13 girls. (Not that I'm complaining) Too bad they are not very photo enthusiastic so I dun have any photos to show you all. Then we have some extended Worship and Word session before we left the island.

Then in the evening, I went to The Hereen to have Sakae Sushi for dinner before proceeding to watch Swing Girls at Orchard Cineleisure. I must say that Swing Girls was a very fun movie to watch. For those who like to watch funny + inspirational + music stuff, this is a must-see for you. I really enjoyed the show very very much. Very very funny. And I learnt to appreciated jazz a little more after the movie. And I feel like going out to buy a saxophone... Haha.

Update on my fast... Eh, nothing much to update. Still enduring... Hope I dun get gastric pain after this...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Clean teeth and other things...

Went to the dentist today. He cleaned the crap out of my teeth. Literally. There was like 9 years worth of dirt and tartar stuck in my teeth. He took like half an hour to completely clean my teeth. Boy was it painful! I was clenching my fist all the way! Halfway through the procedure he asked me if everything was ok. I wanted to tell him it was bloody painful, but just kept quiet and endured the pain instead. It was my fault for not taking care of my teeth in the 1st place. But it was worth it. My teeth feels so clean now!

Today my OC, CSM and 2IC went swimming at Bedok Swimming Complex. All 3 came back with 1 handphone less. Apparently they left it in their bags before they went swimming and somebody stole it from them. The only thing I can say is thank God I did not join them. I know how it feels to lost a handphone. Believe me, I have lost 8!

Another bad news. I had just been arrowed to go Taiwan. Eh... That's all I can say about my arrow. (If not the Military Police is going to knock on my door already.) The bad thing is that I can no longer go for the church conference I talked about earlier. Was quite looking forward to it. Was fasting and praying about it even. Oh well. On the other hand, I got an (almost) all expense paid trip to Taiwan and it includes a 3 day 2 night R&R time. I will be gone for 14 days from 2nd to 16th April so I will not be able to blog during that period. I think my fast will be affected as well.

Speaking of my fast, I think today has been the hardest so far. Maybe because I had too early a breakfast which results in me feeling very hungry towards the late afternoon. In addition, my struggle is especially difficult today. I will not elaborate what my struggle is, except that its a guy thing. Also, my fitness is also affected cos I got not much energy to train for my fitness. I think I need to exercise more will power and also pray for strength from God.


Excuse me, I am going to brush my teeth now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Just finished the 3rd day of my fast. Nothing much to report. The not-eating part has not been much of a problem so far. (Hope my gastric can endure the whole 3 weeks.) However, some of my struggles intensified three fold. Therefore, now I also need to pray harder that I would not give up halfway.

Remember I sms-ed Her the other day? I have not sms-ed her since then. And I still do not know what was her response to my last sms. Agrh! Its killing me! How I wish I know what she is thinking. Think I will include this as one of my prayer item for my praying time tomorrow. God please tell me what she is thinking...

Work has been rather slow this couple of weeks. So slow, in fact, that usually we spent the days watching VCDs. This week I brought G.T.O. to camp. For the uninitiated, G.T.O. stands for Great Teacher Onizuka. It is a Japanese drama serial about how a teacher touch the lives of all his students. It was (about 5 years ago) and still is my favourite show ever! I remember the 1st time I watched it (this is like the 3rd or 4th time) I cried almost every episode, because I was so touched by all the things that the teacher did for his students. If ever I stop working for the SAF, I will apply to go and become a teacher. I am soo inspired! 1 sad thing though, I broke Disc10 of the show and I realise they dun sell it anymore. Sob!

Dad's out of town this week and I get to drive his car! Then next week I will have my own car to drive! Wahaha!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Devotion 1

Started my fasting and prayer today. Was wondering if I should create a separate blog for the sole purpose of recording my devotion? Finally decided not to. Because I dun think I have the time and energy to maintain 2 separate blogs. Plus I dun want to divide the hits on this blog with another. (Since the daily hits is so few already). Haha. So if you see the word "Devotion" as my title, you can expect it to be some holy-moly, bitchy-preachy stuff.

And you can skip this entry if you want to.

As I was saying, I started my fasting today. It will be a 21 day fast from lunch, which means that I will not eat any solid food from 1000hrs to 1800hrs. And during that period of time, I will take about half an hour to 45 minutes to pray. Also, 21 days will mean that it will end with the coming church (G12) conference.

Objective of fast - During the period of fasting, I pray for the following things:

1. I pray that God will let me have a chance to be together with Her. This probably sounds like a very selfish motive but I really do not know how else to win her heart. I really need God's help over here. He might answer, He might not. I really dunno. I can only pray.

2. I need a new breakthrough in my work. I need a new posting soon. There is really nothing practical I can do about it. So I also pray to God for help. Actually, if you believe in God, praying is as practical as it gets.

3. I pray for my own relationship with Him. (God lah) So that I can have a breakthrough in this area also. I need to focus more on God. Also to prepare myself for the on-coming conference. And maybe be a more holy-moly kind of person. =)

4. Pray for the people I am reaching out to. Pray that God will bless them and touch their hearts.

Well, that's about it for my objective and purpose of fasting. Nothing much to report for the 1st day. Hopefully can see some results soon. =)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Can't get this out of my head...

I can't believe this.

Amuse Inc. got me singing the Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song over and over and over again.

Are ya ready kids?
Aye Aye Captain!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Absorbant and yellow and porous is he
His nautical nonsense be somethin’ you wish
Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!


Other updates for the week.

1. Came across this website whereby we can download free comics to read! Sorry to the English speaking people though, it only got Japanese and Hong Kong Comics and all are in Chinese. So now I got a resource of free comics to read. *rainbows and butterflies*

2. Went for a posting interview (ie. an interview to see if I will be posted to this new department) on Friday. I went fully prepared. Except for one thing that is. I did not update myself on the current political issues of the region and that proves to be my Achilies Heel. The interview ended with the guy saying, "Thank you very much but I think there will be other people who will interview you instead." Sigh...

3. Lost a lot of money on Mahjong this week. Lost count of how much I have lost. Haha.

4. Had a great cell group time. Cell Group this week only got me, Princess and JH. Haha, threesome. After that I got to send Princess home. Hahaha.

5. Went to register for my car - its a silver hatchback Cerato - on Saturday. Finally, I can upgrade my status. Heehee. The vehicle will come by the end of the month.

6. On duty today. BORED!!

7. Tomorrow I will start my 21 days of fasting and prayer. Will be skipping lunch and praying for my work and relationship issues, and also for a coming church event (G12 conference). Hope I will have a breakthrough and God will do something.

Impulsive Smses

Hi. I'm back.

After 3 days of wallowing in mud, I'm back.

Guess by now you guys have grown used to my periodical outburst of girlie emotions and fake suicide plans. Anyway, I'm better now. The recovery seems to be easier each time round. Probably I'm getting used to the heartaches and the familiarity breeds a sort of commonplace feeling that reduces the impact of the heartache.

Out of sheer impulse, I smsed her on Thursday.

I am willing to do anything for you and I will give up everything for you. I know you dun care. I guess I am destined to have my heart broken for you again and again.

Well, something to that effect.

To which she replied,

GJ, love is a choice. It is not just based on feelings. I believe you can choose not to love me.

Again, not the exact words but something like that.

My response was WTF? Of course I did not say that in my sms. Instead I wrote,

Why dun you choose to love me instead?

And She replied,

I love you as a bro in Christ. But I will be more careful when it comes to choosing my partner.

Then I said,

I know I'm not perfect but I am willing to change, to learn, to became the person that you want...

Then after that she stopped replying me. I have no idea what was her response to that. Maybe she got fed-up and did not want to talk to me anymore. Or maybe she freak out and fainted. I dunno. Anyway, to prevent anymore impulsive sms-es, I took her handphone number out of my phonebook for the time being.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Here we go again...

My heart hurts like hell and I can't sleep.

Is it really God's will that my heart breaks for Her again and again and again and again? I think it is. I really want to escape this. To sleep and never wake up again. Why does it have to be so? Is it God's plan that my heart be broken over and over and over again?

I can't take this anymore.

I want to sleep and never wake up again.

At times like this, all my prayers seem meaningless. Like God was never really there. Or He doesn't care.

Dear God, just grant me sleep and never let me wake up again. Please. Put an end to it. I dun want to go through this anymore. How I wish to be alseep now. Forever. Never to wake up. Never again.

I dun know what God is thinking, nor what is He doing. Maybe He just like to make my life miserable. Maybe I deserve it. Maybe my life is just a meaningless and worthless piece of shit, that should be flushed down the toilet long time ago.

I need to sleep. Please let me sleep. And let me never wake up again.

Anybody got 200 sleeping pills to spare?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Nowadays got not much desire to blog. Nothing much to blog also. (See, I have a very boring life.) Work is quite slow this couple of weeks and I'm getting bored in the office also. After FF declared that she doesn't want to watch movies with me any more, I could not get anybody else to watch movies with me also....

Anybody interested in watching Lord of the Dance? The good seats cost $110 dollars. (Good as in decent good. The really good good cost $130+) Date is 29 April, 8pm.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Diary of a Super Spendthrift

I am such a spendthrift. Just over one weekend, I have spent close to $1500 on luxuries that I want instead of saving for the essentials that I need. Sign... Now I got trouble surviving for the rest of the month. Looks like I have to eat grass again...

The 1st item in question is a Sony CDRW cum DVD Rom, setting me back about $100. Actually my CD Rom has been out of action for the past year, so its a legitimate buy. But the problem is that I dun know how to install this thing and now it is still in the box unopened. Haha. Thank God I was never a computer geek.


The 2nd item is a 120G hard disk and disk cover, setting me back about $200. I reasoned that I need this baby to store all my rubbish so that I can back up all my stuff and reformat my system. It is soo infected with spyware and viruses. Haha. In addition, I can now take all the pictures I want with my digital camera and not worry about storage space for them. The problem, again, is that I cannot get the thing to work so I put it back in the box again... Haha.


Btw, I did not get the above 2 items in the IT fair @ SUNTEC. I did NOT go to the IT fair @ SUNTEC. Rather, I asked a friend to get it for me from Sim Lim Square. Now I have to wait for that friend to set up the stuff for me.

The 3rd and final item costed me $1200. The story is this...

This morning I'm suppose to go for this church event call The School Of Leaders Level 1 (aka SOL 1) but due to some mis-communication with Princess, I got the location wrong location. In the end, I did not go for SOL 1 and ended up wandering around like a lost soul.

I thought of going to my favourite guitar shops and do some guitar googling but after waiting almost 30minutes for a bus that was so full I could not get onto, I got fed-up and decided to go home instead. On the way home, I dropped by Cash Converters (a 2nd hand trading chain in Singapore) just for fun. And guess what? I spotted a Variax 700 Acoustic on the display window!

Listed at $2400 at Citymusic, the 2nd hand one here is only $1200! There is no way I could let this opportunity slipped by I thought. This is the 16 in 1 modelling guitar for acoustics! That means that in can produce the sound of 16 different guitars with it, including the banjo, mandolin and resonators. (If you dun know what I'm talking about, then you cannot fully appreciate the value of the guitar. Probably you can take a look at the website to get a better idea.). After pondering for a good 20minutes, I decided to but the guitar on the spot. Here's some pictures of my new baby!




Hmm... I am really careless with my money. That's why I am always so poor. Well, at least I dun have credit card problems like FF...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Cohesion Day

Company had a cohesion at Sentosa yesterday! Nothing much but its good to have a break from the office once in a while. Starting from 1400hrs (2pm in the afternoon), we hang out, play games and basically chill out the Palawan Beach of Sentosa Island. We played games like beach soccer, beach volley and tug of war but I'm rather laid back, contended with just being trigger-happy with my IXUS 40 Digital Camera.


Thats a picture of my guys support our team for the beach soccer game. BTW, we came in 3rd I think. But there were only 4 teams! Haha!


This is my Sniper Platoon. They are the people who will "one shot one kill" you during war. Haha! But they going to retire at the end of the year already. ORD loh!


This is my 2IC on the dunking board.


And this is him falling from the dunking board!! Haha


This babe is just part of the event organising crew for our cohesion. Thought she looks real cute and also she looks a bit like Xiaxue. =) Did not get to talk to her though. Scared wait she slap me.

After cohesion met Ah Song for dinner at Harbour Front. Quite happy cos he is one of my bester friend in the army whom I seldom get to meet. Seems like both of us are plagued by bad job experiences this period of time. Haha.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


FF has declared that, due to my incorrigible lack of punctuality, she doesn't like to watch movies with me anymore.

Casino anybody?

Borrowed this link from Ningx's blog.

I think any decent person in Singapore has been aware and affected by the recent tragic event that happened here two days ago. A man, 40 years old, killed his entire family and jumped to his death. The victims include his wife, his 11 year old son and his 4 year old daughter. And I just learnt that his family and I attended the same church. May God forgive him and have mercy on his soul.

For the past two days, the media has painted a picture of a man ridden with unimaginable debts, came to the end of his wits, and decided to kill himself and his family to escape all his problems. Apparently, he was a gambling addict and was unable to control himself. As a result, he owed an enormous amount of money which he is unable to pay.

It was reported that he frequents, among other places, the Genting casinos to feed his gambling addiction. I wonder the government took note of that little detail of the story in our heated Casino/ No Casino debate. Of course, it does not mean that everybody who goes into the casino will start killing their families and jumping off buildings, but still, it speaks of the potential tragedies that will come if the casino is built here.

But my bet is that the govt will go ahead with the plan and have the casino built. Why? Because they want to improve the economy of Singapore. Because money rules. Because money negates all other potential problems that the casino may bring.

Money is "biggest".

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Went to see the dentist at Changi General Hospital today. Think most of my teeth rot liao. The result is nothing special except that my back teeth has decayed and I need some filling. In addition, I made an appointment for the removal of my Wisdom Tooth.

13th April 2005.

Other than that, nothing much happened in my life today. Wanted to blog something about Graphic Liteature but am feeling kinda lazy now. Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A typical day...

Finally got to watch Million Dollar Baby today. As usual, I'm late. Traffic was TERRIBLE in the town area that time. Almost wanted to vent my frustration at the taxi driver, but then again, its not really his fault. Anyway, late means late! No excuse!

Personally I thought it was a great show. But my date thinks otherwise. Probably the pace was a bit slow and she cannot reconcile the sad ending of the movie. I think the movie as a reminder of how we live our lives and whether we had lived it to the fullest. The ending is sort of bittersweet - no happily ever after - but that's life. Isn't it? I like these emotions stirring, thought provoking movies, rather then pure action/ comedy films. I like those too, but not all the time. Maybe I'm getting old.

Tried to sms Her to thank her again for the guitar. But her reply seems distant and un-engaging. Maybe I'm pushing too hard again. Time to back off and give her space again. Sigh... Next date to look forward to? Probably it would be her birthday before I got excuse to talk to her again. But that's in September... Dunno if I can live that long...

Heehee, 12Mustardseed asked me for advice on buying a guitar today. Thats my forte! Now she's a proud owner of a Takamine G-230. Anybody got questions on buying guitar can ask me. But dun ask me where can buy cheap guitars. I will use it to smash your head! Haha!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Her.. Episode 7

Today I saw Her again. My excuse this time? To take over from her a guitar that she does not really want. And since I am a freak for guitars, I got the perfect excuse to see her again.

I only saw her for a brief 5 minutes. But I am contented. In fact, I am very happy that I am able to see her again. I stood outside her door while she was inside the house. We talked little else other than the guitar that I was about to take over and the guitar which I re-stung for her the last time. Then I had to say good bye.

I wished the 5 minutes had lasted a little longer though. After a while she suggested that its getting late and I should go home and rest. I suppose she's still uncomfortable talking to me. I myself also felt a little awarkard and acted sort of goofy with her.

Sigh.. Feeling blissed but yet, I wonder when will be the next time I see her again?

As for the guitar I took from her, it is actually a 20th anniversay Squier Telecaster, which is suppose to be a rather good for a low budget guitar. And it looks quite classy too.

green tele

The pick-up combination is a bit weird though. A humbucker neck and a single coil bridge pick-up. I dun really know what to do with this guitar also (as in what music to play it with). But I got no complains cos the guitar sounds great and it got a nice action and it feels great to play.

The main problem, though, is that it's got a big crack at the back, which will really decrease its value.

green tele1

But then again, I am going to keep this with me forever cos it is, afterall, Her guitar.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fourth Blog this weekend

Hmm.. Nobody seem to be updating their blog this weekend, except for me. Haha. This is my fourth entry this weekend.

Me so much want to watch Ray that I planned to go and watch it myself this afternoon. But instead, I got hijacked by Miss E and we went jalan jalan (walk walk) in Bugis instead.

Went to this place called Terra at Bugis Junction for a drink. They got this drink called the Green Tea Shake, which is like green tea milk shake kinda drink. Quite a nice drink except it gets a bit bland towards the end. The service was damn slow though. So slow, in fact, that I make sure I dun leave any tips for the waiter at the end of it.

Went guitar googling after that with Miss E following. Finally! I got back the guitar which I sent for repair 4 weeks ago. Cos me $140 for the job but I decide to sell another guitar to the shop (they do trading of 2nd hand guitars also) which I got $150 for. So I got my guitar back without paying a cent. In fact, I got $10 back from the shop! Ha!

Am so happy to get back my guitar. I played until my mother cannot take it and told me to stop. So now there nothing I can do except to blog about it!

So in the end I did not manage to catch Ray at all. Hopefully, I will be able to catch the Million Dollar Baby tomorrow evening with some friends.

1st Cell Group Celebration...

Yesterday marks my 1st celebration with my new cell group. Hope I will get more comfortable with them in time to come. And that I really can settle down there. Am making the effort to contribute more than what I did in my previous cell group and getting to know the members there better. Hopefully, this cell group will become a close family. Maybe the previous members are already quite close, so I might need to make the extra effort to form the bond with them.

Here's some pictures of the celebration last night...


First up is the picture of the guys + the birthday girl. The one in the yellow shirt is me (duh!) and the one in red is called Munic. Quite a unique name. Hey! Unique Munic! Haha. Sorry, a bit the lame today. And the guy in beige is call Adrian. Adrian what I also dunno. I have so many Adrians in my phonebook already... Haha! But got 1 guy at the background. Dunno who issit... ruin the picture...


This is the cake that my mother baked for the birthday. Looks much better in real life (and taste much better too!) The people were very impressed by the cake but to me, its the same old cake I eat every week. =)


And here are the three pretty girls from my cell group! Heehee. The one at the centre is the birthday girl, Jiahui, who claims she is the prettiest girl around. The present that she was holding was a framed picture of the cell group + Spiderman. Spiderman is suppose to be her dream guy. The one on the left is call Yihui and she is Munic's girlfriend. She is the one who made the photo frame. The one on the right side is call Lynette and she is the cell leader, whom from now on I will refer to as Princess. Cos she carries an aura of elegance around her wherever she goes, like a real princess like that.

Well, thats all the cell update for now. I know not all my blogders dig this aspect of my life. Then again, got chio bu to see what!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Second Chances.

My life is a life of Second Chances. I do not know why but I never never got it right the first time. I always have to fail the first time round. Like a Pheonix, I have to crash and burn the first time round, then I will rise from the ashes before I can make it to anything. And I'm not talking about minor failures of small issues, its more like major failures of big issues. The only consolation is that there are not major consequences for all the major failures I have committed. For example:

1. In secondary school (which is a screw up secondary school btw), I failed my English when I was in Sec 2. As a result, I was not eligible to be promoted to Sec 3. Finally, I was given a 2nd chance and was promoted to Sec 3 because the results of the rest of my subjects were fairly decent.

2. After my O-levels, I wanted to go to Victoria Junior College. But I screwed up my English Literature paper and I got 14 points for my aggregate. The cut off points for VJC was 10 points at my time. I was given a 2nd chance when the principle, Mrs Lee Pui Mun, allowed me to stay in VJ on account of my persistence and sincerity.

3. In army, I went to OCS after my BMT. But my performance was so bad I could have failed the course. I got my 2nd chance on virtue of my Commander's kindness (I believe), I passed the course as the last in the batch.

4. I wanted to apply for the NUS Engineering course but my A level grades cannot make it. I got NTU Engin instead. My 2nd chance came the next year when I re-applied for NUS. This time I got in cos the average scores of the A level results were lower than the previous year.

5. In my 2nd year in NUS, I was supposed to do this stupid amplifier project, which in the end everybody copies the previous year's work. The only problem is that I was stupid enough to be caught by the supervisor. (Whom we call Dr. Evil) To cut the long story short, I was almost expelled from NUS for plagiarism but was given a 2nd chance by the board of HOD (Head of Department).

6. On my 3rd year, I risked expulsion again for failing too many subjects in my course. 2 warning letters later, I finally woke up my idea and put in more effort in my studies. The light of 2nd Chance shone on me again as I managed to clear my modules at the end of it.

7. In army is the same thing. I just came out of a crisis of Armageddonic proportion. Pardon me for not elaborating. I am just thankful that the God of 2nd Chance bestowed his favour on me again.

Hmm... From the outside, my life looks pretty good. I mean I studied in a good Sec school, a top Junior College and the distinguished NUS, Engin Faculty. I went to OCS and am a Captain in the army now. But without the mercy of God and the kindness of people, I would never have made it. I want to take this chance to thank the people who have helped me much in this chaotic journey called my life. I have a great knack for screwing up the things that I do. But thanks to be God, I also have a redeeming attribute in my character which makes everybody wants to help me when I am down. Well, almost everybody...

I do foresee that I will have more screw ups in my life on the future, but I know that there will be people there for me whenever things go wrong. People like my friends and family and I know that no matter what goes wrong, as long as you guys are there for me, I will be fine.

I need a date doctor...

Was in a super "thinking of Her" mood yesterday. I hate it when that happens, cos I would get all depressed and dejected. Sigh... Sometimes I think I would give anything to be with her, like the guy in Bedazzled who sold his soul to the Devil, or the guy who hired Hitch to help him get the girl.

Speaking of which, Me and FF went to watch Hitch at Lido yesterday. AS ALWAYS, I was late for the movie. No wonder FF says I was a perfect match with her buddy E. (E, if you are reading this, dun take it seriously, we are only joiking. ) FF also said that if I am late again for the next movie, she will NEVER watch another movie with me again. (BTW babe, I think the sessions at the gym is beginning to show results already)

Hitch was a great date movie. Romantic, heart-warming, funny. And for nerds/dorks guys who are still single, its got great tips on how to get the date with the dream girl you always wanted. And nothing is impossible if she is really the one you love and you really set your heart to it.
Man! I desperately seriously need a date doctor!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Instant Guilt

Just now, I went into the 7-11 at Bukit Merah Central and bought a packet of Garoto's Surreal. It is like Ferrera Rochie but covered with white chocolate instead and one and half times bigger.

I ate all THREE on the spot.

That is like 100 grams of PURE FAT going straight into my body and around my waist.

Now I feel so damn FAT... I think my cholestrol went up by 200 counts... I can feel my arteries clogging... I think I am going to an heart attack...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Movies Movies Movies!!!

Watched Howl's Moving Castle today. Me thinks it was a great show. Din intend to watch it at 1st, but Miss K asked me to watch the movie with her. Me is lazy to describe the movie except to say that I enjoyed it very much, despite having to fight gastric pains from the lack of dinner.

I have watched Team America last week also. Pirated, fully uncensored, DVD version. Its like South Park with puppets. What else can I say?

Speaking of movies, the Million Dollar Baby won like what? 4 Oscars? I hope I can find time to watch that show also. Jamie Foxx for best actor for his role in Ray also right? Now I really want to watch that show as well.

What are the shows openning this week? FF says she wants to watch Hitch with me (then again, she said she wanted to close down her blog also.. Haha! Sorry babe, just kidding) I also can't wait to watch Son Of The Mask and Lemony Snickit's Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Anybody want to watch any movies with me?