Sunday, March 20, 2005

Other updates for the week.

1. Came across this website whereby we can download free comics to read! Sorry to the English speaking people though, it only got Japanese and Hong Kong Comics and all are in Chinese. So now I got a resource of free comics to read. *rainbows and butterflies*

2. Went for a posting interview (ie. an interview to see if I will be posted to this new department) on Friday. I went fully prepared. Except for one thing that is. I did not update myself on the current political issues of the region and that proves to be my Achilies Heel. The interview ended with the guy saying, "Thank you very much but I think there will be other people who will interview you instead." Sigh...

3. Lost a lot of money on Mahjong this week. Lost count of how much I have lost. Haha.

4. Had a great cell group time. Cell Group this week only got me, Princess and JH. Haha, threesome. After that I got to send Princess home. Hahaha.

5. Went to register for my car - its a silver hatchback Cerato - on Saturday. Finally, I can upgrade my status. Heehee. The vehicle will come by the end of the month.

6. On duty today. BORED!!

7. Tomorrow I will start my 21 days of fasting and prayer. Will be skipping lunch and praying for my work and relationship issues, and also for a coming church event (G12 conference). Hope I will have a breakthrough and God will do something.


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