Monday, March 07, 2005

Her.. Episode 7

Today I saw Her again. My excuse this time? To take over from her a guitar that she does not really want. And since I am a freak for guitars, I got the perfect excuse to see her again.

I only saw her for a brief 5 minutes. But I am contented. In fact, I am very happy that I am able to see her again. I stood outside her door while she was inside the house. We talked little else other than the guitar that I was about to take over and the guitar which I re-stung for her the last time. Then I had to say good bye.

I wished the 5 minutes had lasted a little longer though. After a while she suggested that its getting late and I should go home and rest. I suppose she's still uncomfortable talking to me. I myself also felt a little awarkard and acted sort of goofy with her.

Sigh.. Feeling blissed but yet, I wonder when will be the next time I see her again?

As for the guitar I took from her, it is actually a 20th anniversay Squier Telecaster, which is suppose to be a rather good for a low budget guitar. And it looks quite classy too.

green tele

The pick-up combination is a bit weird though. A humbucker neck and a single coil bridge pick-up. I dun really know what to do with this guitar also (as in what music to play it with). But I got no complains cos the guitar sounds great and it got a nice action and it feels great to play.

The main problem, though, is that it's got a big crack at the back, which will really decrease its value.

green tele1

But then again, I am going to keep this with me forever cos it is, afterall, Her guitar.


Blogger TriplePeriod said...

C'mon dude! Deep down inside, you know that you BADLY want more than those 5 minutes. Stealing 5 minutes here and there, enough? Touch your heart, is it torturing you more than it warms you? Dude, dun deceive yourself. Or are you like Anna here.
I say you make a dash for it. Now or never. Either you emerge victorious gloriously or die trying. Of course, respect your decision.

8:09 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

TP> Hmm.. Probably you have not read much of my blog before. 5 minutes is heaven to me. I cannot ask for more, though much as I wanted to.

Thanks for your comment anyway.

11:33 pm  

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