Sunday, February 27, 2005

Dear Diary

Hi guys,

Sorry for the long break. Been busy with my work the whole of this week and I was too tired to blog anything the past two days. However, after returning from such a long break, I do not know what to blog about.

There's nothing much to blog about this week, really. Maybe just a quick recount of what happened in my life this week.

Monday - Work. Prepare for exercise for next 3 days.
Tuesday - Start of exercise. I am the Admin OIC (aka shit job officer)
Wednesday - Continue exercise. More shit jobs.
Thursday - Endex (End exercise) at 1800 o'clock. Make sure all the shit are cleared up before everybody leaves.
Friday - Dun feel like working. Went to play mahjong. Lost 270 dollars.
Saturday - Lazy, Tired, Sleep. Play Guitar and sleep. Went church and cell in the evening. I still like my new cell group.
Sunday - Nothing much... Yet. Hope to watch Ray later.

Something occurred to me: Sometimes I feel the need to write this blog for the reason other than myself. That is to say I sometimes feel the need to write for the sake of my readers. Its kinda weird considering I started writing this blog as a diary kind of thing. Its like "Dear diary, sorry I din write you these few days..."


Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

Ha I guess it happens for all fellow bloggers. The reason why you write, is to open your soul, window to the rest of the world. People who cares to read and find out about your happenings. Another reason's probably to record down your musings - an outlet of expressions and archiving them online.

5:45 pm  

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