Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day...

Hihi… It’s me again. Saving the world from doing duty on Valentine’s Day. Heehee, it’s also a good way to hide my loser-ness of not having a date on this special day. Especially as an officer, your guys will come ask you “Ah Sir, today got date or not?” And its so embarrassing to tell them I am unwanted on Valentine’s Day. So I hide behind the guise of having to do duty on this day.

Bought a bouquet of white roses for Her. A dozen white rose, with the decorations and everything. Her sister told me she like white roses. Hope she likes it when she receives them. Right now she haven’t receive the bouquet yet, as usually she doesn’t go home until about 11pm at night on Monday. Or maybe she’s got a nice Valentine’s Day date. Honestly, I’m too scared to think about it.

At least there was last night where I got to spend about one hour with her (and also her sister) just before Valentine’s Day itself. After that when I reached home, I was so happy that I could not sleep the whole night. As a result, I am so tired I can hardly function today. But at least I am happy. Haha.

Update @ Midnight: She had received the flowers at 11.05pm. She smsed me "" Hey Guojun, thanks for the flowers. Is it Shan told you I like white roses? Thanks but you shouldn't waste the money." I know what she meant. Of course I did not expect her to say "The roses are beautiful. Now I love you forever" but still, her reply was a little heart breaking. Well, that sort of end the chapter for now. I dunno when our paths will cross again. I hope it will be soon.


Blogger ningx said...

i feel so xin tong for you..
may she appreciate you someday..

4:39 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Thanks babe. I hope so too.

7:11 pm  

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