Sunday, January 30, 2005

I believe in Neverland

Was supposed to have a long weekend. But ended up doing a lot more things instead.

Friday was an off day and I spent it playing mahjong with my khakis. Ended up losing $200. Not too bad cos I won $200 last month. So that sort of evens it out. Saturday I was on duty. Actually I almost forgot about it, but thank God Friday's DO called and reminded me. For other stuff I did on Sat, check out my previous post. =)

FF wrote something in her blog yesterday which really hurt my feelings. But she called immediately after I left my comment "I dunno what to say except that this is a very hurting post to read" so I forgave her shortly after that. No big issue really.

Today, Sunday, was also a packed day. Reached home from my camp at about 9am and rested until about 1pm when I went out to meet FF for a movie. Could not find a nice time slot for a nice movie so we settled for Finding Neverland. (Not something in priority that I wanted to watch) Turns out it was a wonderful movie. Very touching and heart warming. I remembered the 1st time I watched the Peter Pan cartoon. Almost cried when Peter Pan asked all the children to believe in fairies so as to revive the dying Tinkerbell.

After that I went for my dinner appointment with an old friend. Turns out that some of our common friends are invited as well. The problem is that those "common friends" are some people which I had deliberately not want to meet for a long time. And BOY! was it awkward at 1st. But luckily I managed to survived the meeting quite comfortably. Went to this Japanese Curry restaurant near City Hall mrt. 1st time I tasted Japanese curry. Not bad.


Minutes ago, my world came tumbling down. A friend told me that She is getting attached soon.
I am so sad I can die right now.


Blogger Jayaxe said...

Hey, don't sad, don't sad though I understand the ghastly feeling you're feeling now. But attached? As in getting hitched? Married?

5:02 pm  

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