Saturday, January 29, 2005

Doing Duty on Sat Night

Its me again... Saving the world from another weekend duty...

I like doing weekend duties because there is really nothing much to do and you can watch TV or sleep all day. Of course, this is not exactly the best way to spend a good'o Saturtday night. At least there is a computer with internet connection and I can do my blogging. Then again, that's what I do for most of my Sat nights normally. LOL

Smsed Her again today. Actually, since after the Christmas thingy, I have been keeping contact with Her again. Usually through a sms or 2 per week. Usually chat about how our days were that time or stuff like that.

Today, she mentioned that her guitar strings needs to be changed.

"Almost all need to change liao. Very long never change string. U help us change?"

Of course I will be happy to help her change her guitar strings. This means that I can see her again, some time next week, when both she and her twin sister are free. Hopefully this time I see her, the awarkardness that was present in our previous meeting will be gone and we can talk to each other like last time again.

Sigh, dunno if I can ever be with her, but definitely I will continue to wait.

Saw a blog from ningx. Reading her latest post sruck a chord in my heart cause I had experienced the same thing when I was a kid (except mine was in seconadry school). Furthur reading makes me feel that she and I was very alike when I was younger. Think she will be a regular read from now on.

Hmm, just realised there are some additional comments to the old posts that I did some time ago, even the ones that were a few months back. Thanks for your support guys!


Blogger Jayaxe said...

Even if you have to chiong up the 7 mountains, you'd sure find time to do things for the girl! Hahaha.

Anyway, there's an option in blogger that allows new comments to be e-mailed to you, no matter how old the entry.

Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Change Settings -> Comments Tab (Under the Settings Tab) -> Enter your email in the Comment Notification Address section.

This way, you wouldn't miss any comments at all.

1:22 pm  
Blogger Maximus said...

when was the last time you updated her that you're still waiting..

2:02 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Jayaxe> Thanks. Think I prefer to do it the old fashion way. Cos I seldom check my email anyway. =)

Max> I never talked to her about that issue again. But I know about a month back a friend "updated" her about it for me. Anyway, I'm thinking if I should send her flowers on Valentine's day?

10:05 pm  
Blogger Maximus said...

definitely..send her earings or something as such... even though she might not feel the same... it doesnt mean that you can't do anything for her.. loving someone does not necessarily mean you have to be with that someone.. (woah.. since when have i become so deep).. but remember sometime ago i told you about "limits"?? dont forget that and you'd be just fine.. you can do anything but dont hurt yourself..

dude.. church was weird.. i went to St stephen's cathedral (apparently i went to the wrong one.. didnt know its catholic but since i'm there.. what the hell..) and they had holy communion.. guess what they did with the red wine.. they shared amongst everyone DRINKING FROM the same cup.. almost like 60 over people in A CUP!! super unhygienic.. i dont remember any church in singapore practicing it..hence.. i didnt do communion

Also,I was looking for the gents and i got lost. i ended up in a dark room.. there was this.. pope.. or err... pastor.. whatever.. who was already sitting inside.. and he looked at me and asked , "are you here for confessions??" .. woah.. that really freak me out .. heh.

8:02 am  

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