Sunday, December 26, 2004

2 weeks of blog

Hi guys... Its been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged (which is like 2 centuries in blog years). Was really really busy for the past couple of weeks. Its literally been like waking up for work, then after work go sleep and next day wake up to work again. Even now - Sunday, Boxing Day - I am on duty in the office. But nobody else is working today so I decide to skive a bit. So I have a lot of catching up to blog. (Will try not to make it too long)
Since last entry, I have bought a new violin. But the problem is, I did not know how to play. Haha... Anywayz, thanks to FF, I managed to get a good 2nd hand violin from Yahoo auction for $200. Now the problem is learning how to play. (The last I touched it, I couldn't even coax a sound out of the thing) I have requested for a Violin for Dummies book for Christmas but too bad I did not get it. At least not yet...
Speaking of Christmas, I really thank God for the break. (Christmas Eve 1/2 day and Christmas itself 1 day) though I think Christmas gets less festive as one grows older. Maybe is the burdens that we had accumulated over the years that worn us out of our joy. Somehow, Christmas was much more magical when we were kids. Then again, it is still the perfect excuse to remind someone you love them, either with a season greeting SMS or a well conceived Christmas gift. Christmas is also the perfect marriage between religion and Consumersim (spelling?), although we all know that Jesus Christ was not born on 25th Dec itself.
Christmas shopping has always been a period of intense stress for me. Cos I always had to find the perfect gift, or at least a gift that is meaningful to the recipient. As of now (one day after Christmas), I still did not find a suitable (birthday cum Christmas) gift for The Cindy. Other than that, I did not do much Christmas shopping. I only got one for FF (which I cannot say what cos I have not passed her the gift), 01 x book for Xenaneres, 01 x handphone cover for Nokia7200 for Jade, 02 x books for Her and 01 x mascara for her twin sister. On the receiving side, I will be receiving a nice wallet from FF, and I got a sweet teddy bear from my sweet tenant (which reminds me, I need to get her something also) and a cute self made fridge magnet from a friend in church.
Wanted to rest at home on Christmas day but it was not meant to be so. Was sort of conned into going for the church Christmas bash at Fort Canning Park last night. Met Her twin sister in the afternoon on the pretext of exchanging Christmas presents (and passing the presents to Her), but turns out that she (the twin sister) did not bring mine. But instead, she pulled me to the church-organized Christmas bash which I had so resisted going. Well, after much aggressive persuasion, I reluctantly agreed to go for the thing. Really, I was not in the mood for parties and would rather have my much needed rest. The up side of the whole thing though, was that I got to see Her again.
This was the 1st time I see Her since that time more than 6 months ago. She still looks very much the same. Except that she was slimmer than when I last saw her. And her hair was much longer and redder now. Other than that, she was pretty much the same dream girl I remembered her to be. Throughout the bash, I sat with her twin sister and was like less than 5 metres away from Her. But I never had the courage to go and talked to her. Instead, it was she who came over and said "hi" (some man I turned out to be). It was a nice feeling, I admit, to be so close to Her after such a long time and catching occasional glimpses at her when she is not looking (the bash was pretty boring anyway)
Can't say I enjoyed much of the bash, except maybe the carolling part - minus all the trigger happy snow sprayers.
On the lighter side of life, I managed to catch Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle on Christmas Eve. IT WAS HILARIOUS!! I have not laughed so much or so hard at any movie since dunno when (Shaolin Soccer maybe?) The best part, IMHO, was when the Landlady and her husband revealed their true identity. HAHA! Too bad though, I missed a good 20 minutes of the beginning of the show. Probably I will catch it again when I have the time, or get the DVD when it is out.
Think I have blogged too much already. That's what happens when I dun update often. Well, that's all for now. Could have written more but I guess I should let my readers rest their eyes after every 15 minutes.


Blogger Maximus said...

Good to have you back. Question.. If Jesus isn't born on 25 Dec.. When was he born? Born a christian, baptised 10 years ago.. and i didnt know bout this..

Also, the next time you watch kung fu.. can you please sneak in a video camera cause i really want to see the movie but i dont think they're screening here..

9:12 pm  
Blogger Handsel said...

yeah...good to have you need xmas cum bday gift, i really don't need anything.

12:51 am  
Blogger FF said...

Damn, why didn't I think of Violin for dummies. And I could have told you playing the violin was hard. :) I think it's easier if you can play the piano when you're learning violin.

Anyway we're prob meeting tonite for gifts exchange!:)

11:17 am  

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