Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Her again

Sorry it's going to be another one of those Her (1) (2) post again.
This time, she sms-ed me. Actually it was yesterday afternoon. I was waiting for my majhong kahkis to arrive at my friend's house when she sms-ed me. It was one of those Fw: kind of things but still, my heart skipped a beat when I saw her name in my inbox.
Usually, I did not reply any of the sms-ed, mainly cos I din know what to say to her. But this time I did. And we managed to have a little conversation. Exchanged 5 smses in all. WAHAHAHA. But seriously, it meant a lot to me. I have not talked to her since that time...
And I haven't met her since that time also. But I got an update about her from a friend a couple of days back... Heard she is as pretty as ever... Sigh... I wonder when I ready to see her again?
Lost big time at majhong yesterday. Not my worst game lah, but not my best either. But luck was seriously NOT with me... But still, it was part of the game... Those who want to learn can approach me... Will only charge a minimal school fee... Wahaha...


Blogger FF said...

Wah lau, you lost and you're asking people to pay you to teach them? Hahahaha!! So funny.

Anyway, maybe you were distracted by her.

9:55 am  
Blogger The Unknown said...

Women, the usual. Doesn't matter mate, time takes a second place when it comes to women. Don't let her consume you, least try not to. Take it from me. I've been there for 3 years now mate. It isn't worthy of the pain, maybe of the cause but not the pain.

12:40 pm  

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