Thursday, December 02, 2004

Weird old men

Wanted to blog this yesterday, but blogger was down.
Met a really weird old man on the way home yesterday. Was on the way home after work when I board bus 13. Was lazy to bring an extra set of Civi (civilian clothes) and thus, I went home in my full army uniform. The bus I board was quite empty but I was unlucky enough to sit beside this er... interesting old man.
The mintue I sat down he started talking to me. In fact, I did not realise he was talking to me until 3 minutes later. Cause I had my ear phones on and I was listening to my favourite Hebe singing. Apparently he was not very bothered that I did not notice him. But the minute he caught my attention... Damn!
He just kept talking and talking and talking.
I would feel bad if I had left the seat and moved to another, so I sat there and pretended to listen. For whole 20minutes! Albert Enstein would tell you that 20 minutes is a freaking loooooong time to endure if you did not enjoy the situation. I just sat there a allowed him to talked. Partly I am not comfortable talking to strangers and partly because I cannot understand what he said. (due to the ear phones in my head and that he is speaking in rapid Hokkien)
Apparently He did not mind talking to a mute. I almost felt sorry for him. Guess he doesn't have that many people to talk to. And he was pretty friendly. Just felt kinda bad I could hold a decent conversation with him.
I was never comfortable with old men, especially funny old men. Maybe it was the idea that someday when I grow old, I would become exactly like them... That's why I try not to be mean with with them whenever I meet them.
But then again, its not so easy.
Sly lost yesterday, much to the dismay of my good friend FF, and much to the joy and celebration of all the guys in my office. Personally, I felt that his appeal to teenage (and not so teenaged) girls made the guys jealous and thus, all the guys made sure they out-vote their girlfriends. Resulting in the victory celebration for Taufik supporters.
Sad to say, the turn of events after that were pretty much unfair to Taufik. Proves that the world still goes for popular appeal after all.
BTW, I'm a Taufik supporter, though I never watch SI and less voted for him.


Blogger FF said...

Always be kind to old folks.

I heart Sly! I heart Sly!

11:35 am  

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