Saturday, December 11, 2004

Long Day and Night

Yesterday, was a loong day for me. (Read: It will be a loong blog) So I will be blogging in the sequence of events.

1. Met up with my Primary School bestest buddy for lunch. I think I haven't met him since 5? years ago. Had a good time of catching up, after which he introduced me to the world of MLM (Multi Level Marketing). He was representing a company called USANA, which turns out to be one of the best company in the in the network marketing world. And it is suppose to have the best supplemental products available. Seriously, the presentation was not bad - he had me convinced. Too bad I was not the into sales type of person, nor have I the money for additional health products. Probably will get from him if ever I had the need. Anyway, anybody interested for some health supplement products or going for extra income can let me know, I will link you up with him.
2. Spend the rest of the afternoon shopping for a green shirt for my Dinner n' Dance later in the evening (more of that later) Really, it is very hard to find a green shirt. Maybe I was not looking in the correct places, but I can hardly see any garment that is remotely green for the past 2 days. Finally, I managed to find one for 80 Singapore dollars. Seriously, I am not ever going to pay 80 bucks for a wear-for-1-night-and-then-never-going-to-touch-it-again shirt. In the end, I gave up and decided not to follow the dress code dictated in the invitation card.
3. Also had a meeting with my financial planner before the D&D. She said that my insurance plans are inadequate (dun they always?) and I need to re-adjust my policy plans a bit. She's the expert - she's really very good at her work - so I just did what she said. Anyway, I did not have to pay anymore than I am paying now, so I let her do all the adjustment she wants. Basically, she decide how much I should save and invest my money. Yes, I really trust her that much.
This is where the bitching starts...
4. The highlight of the day: My Formation's (aka my company) Annual Dinner and Dance. Told Dad I need to borrow the car in the evening and he said "ok, will be back by 6plus". Come 7pm and Dad is still not back yet. Called him and found out that he had forgotten about it. Argh! He finally reached home at 7.25pm for me to take the car and sped off. Guests are suppose to be seated by 7.30. Traffic jam at Orchard Road. Argh! I am going to be soo late. My friends kept calling me to find out whether I have reached. Argh! Finally reached Hotel Furama at 7.50pm. Argh! Waited 10 minutes outside the carkpark to find out that it is full. Argh! Had to make a round to the opposite building to park at the public carpark. Argh!
Finally, the Arghing stopped. I reached the ballroom at 8.15 and found my seat. Thank God I arrived earlier than the 2-Star-General-VIP. Turns out nobody followed the "green dress code" anyway. Dinner was boring, to say the least. The MCs were not very fun and the games they play were all... well... nothing new. (I could never understand why the guys always like to play "come lets dress up as transvestites" every single chance they get) On the up side, door gift was decent - a cool looking, black coloured toiletries carrier. Food was the usual stuff, except the dessert - the tiramisu was heeaven. The lucky draw had some cool prizes too (X-box + home theatre systems and stuff) but too bad I din win any.
5. Dinner ended about midnight. After that the guys went to Mohd Sultan Rd for Charlie Mike (that's army talk for Continue Mission, or in this case, continue to party) Din really want to go but it was for one of the guy's birthday, so I was very much obliged to. That's when I regretted not bringing a date for my D&D, just so that I can use her as an excuse to escape. Anyway, that was the first time I ever stepped into the pubbing kingdom of Singapore. Yes, I was a sua ku (country pumpkin) when it comes to this type of thing.
First we went to Mdm Wong's but half the guys from our group were not even 21 (minimum age is 23 there) so we could not get in. Next we proceeded to Dbl O where the age limit is lower. Then we realised one of the girls (the birthday boy's girlfriend) was not even 18. But that was after most of us have paid and went into the joint. (Very shrewd of the girl at the door, I must say) So at the end of the day, the Birthday Boy and Girlfriend were left outside while the rest of us went in. Weird isn't it? We were supposed to celebrate this guy's birthday but in the end we left him out to enjoy ourselves instead. Not very happy with the way things turned out, but my boss was there also, so I never said anything.
My first time in Dbl O. (or any pub for that matter) Loud, crowded and dark. I immediately decided that that was not my kind of place - I prefer to deafen my ears alone, in a bright sunny place. Anyway, the first song I heard when I went in was a House remix version of "Welcome to the Jungle". WTF!?! I mean the Hard Rocking song of Guns & Roses played in House music? The God of Rock will not be please. The place reminds me of another song though. "Smoke gets in Your Eyes". Not that they play the House version of that but rather a lot of smoke got into my eyes in that place. Spent 2 hours there listening to endless rhythm of drumbeats and watching my friends play drinking games, and catching occasional glimpses of scantily claded women parading the dark dance floor. Yawn... At least I had my fantasy world to fall back on...
Left the place close to 2am. The rest of the guys oblivious...
Note: Advert for my friend: Hand bags for sale!! All new and unused!


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Blogger FF said...

Your enjoyment when clubbing is affected by the company. Maybe with me it'd be more fun. ;)

Luckily you never buy green shirt! So icky! Methinks you look better in white shirts (ahem) cos you're tanned.

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Blogger 12mustardseeds said...

Whoever on earth quoted GREEN as THE SHIRT must be .... dun think anyone else would look good in that colour. Except, of cos, the army guys haha.

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