Sunday, January 23, 2005

4 days of Pulau TK

Finally, I'm back from my 4 day and night trip to Pulau T.K Resort Island. (I cannot spell T.K because of its security issues and I will be showing some pictures of it here.) Situated to the East of Singapore, Pulau T.K is where many of the Singaporean men went to learn to become a man for the next two years of their life. (Or some people say: To waste two years of their life)

Actually, I was back since last night. But I was too tired and sick to write anything. The feverish sore throat thingy I have talked about earlier this week have developed into full blown influenza. *cough cough*

Had a tough but fun time at Pulau T.K, training the kids and bringing them around the Island. For the uninitiated, this is a picture of what it looks like:


Sweet place right? Haha, I can hear the guys groaning already. You get nothing but hot sun and mosquito bites everyday. And the nights are so freezingly cold that you can hardly sleep.

But seriously, in Pulau T.K, you get to experience the serenity of Nature which is so sorely lacking in our daily city life. Take for example this sun raise:


How often do we get to see such beauty in the everyday of our lives? And not forgetting the awe-inspiring stars that appear in the night? (Too bad my Ixus 40 could not capture the stars in the sky) How often are we able to see anything more than 10 stars above our sky?

Of course, during the 4 days there, we had our share of fun also. Check this out:


I call it "60 pieces of Prata plus Pepsi Blue on a Spinal Board" Haha. But that is a privilege that belongs only to the instructors.

But the best part of the training? Is to see the kids complete all the missions and pass out from the course. Of course.


Ready to Strike! Guardsman!

Heehee, I know what you guys are saying:

The fever has gone into Guojun's head.



Blogger Jayaxe said...

I didn't realize Tekan Island is sooooo beautiful! But I'll attribute it to good photography skills instead. To me, that island is a nightmare! Heh.

8:08 pm  

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