Sunday, January 09, 2005

Weekend duty

As a protector of the Nation, the most mundane part of my job has to be the regimental duty I have to perform every month. (This month is 2 cos half of my comrades went up to Aceh, Indonesia to save the world) Usually I chose to do weekend duty cos 1. To save the world (from 1 less weekend duty), and 2. There is less tasks to do when doing duty on weekend. Anyway, me is The-One-Without-a-Life so weekend duty suits me just fine.

Except today, cos I have to use this weekend to catch up with the never-ending work of the week (thats right, right now I'm skiving again). On the bright side, tomorrow is pay day. So that would be a morale booster.

Note: Star Wars Ep 3 coming out in May this year.

Note again: Who cares?

Went to the Aunnal Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday at Temasek Club. Had to go alone cos most of my friends who were suppose to go had gone up to Aceh to save the world already. I went, I confess, was partly because of a chance to collect back the money that somebody had owe me. Which is good cos half way through the dinner, this friend of mine passed me a check, no doubt to return the money he had owed me since... well... a long time. However, to my horror, the check on has $200 in it. Meaning to say, my friend only returned me $200 this time round.

200 out of 23,000... well, its a start.

Okok, actually I do care about Ep3 coming out this May. So dun leave evil comments in my blog k?


Back to work... Sianz....


Blogger Maximus said...

dude.. i need 20000 dollars as well to start my business.. when can i have it? :)

10:31 am  
Blogger Von said...

You're lucky you have some people leaving comments on your blog. Poor Von's bloggie is getting so lonely as her readers are either too smart for her or readily agrees on any single thing.

11:45 am  
Blogger Handsel said...

oh yes. star wars. i love star wars.

9:05 pm  
Blogger Guojun said...

Maxi> Man, that is soo NOT funny.

Von> Often times I'd would like to leave comments on your blog but I often times I am also too tired to comment... Hang in there... I like reading your entires.

10:19 pm  

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